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Cassonetto 100 cm composition for insulation Blinds PosaClima Renova

PosaClima Renova
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Cassonetto 100 cm composition for insulation Blinds PosaClima Renova

Composition of various items for thermo-acoustic insulation of the roller shutter box.
For this composition, the maximum length of the box is 100 cm (internal measurement of the box).
On Windowo you can also buy the compositions for different maximum lengths of the box.

PosaClima system Renova Cassonetto Roller Blinds Insulation

The problem of energy loss through the box compartment
In the context of upgrading the energy efficiency of a building, the cassette compartment that holds the canvas roller blinds (roller shutter) it is one of the most critical of all. In fact, through the crack of the gliding, enters the box to the outside air temperature remains confined compared only by closing concealed indoor environment. The latter always has a very thin thickness and is normally not air-tight.
The situation is further exacerbated by the crack where the belt runs, a real hole that brings internal and external communication. Consequently, very often the disperse more energy bins of the same windows.

The solution: the PosaClima Renova system
PosaClima Renova proposes a thermal insulation system and acoustics of the interior of the box, very simple to perform and very inexpensive to produce.
The results after such intervention are really surprising, since the coefficient of transmittance of the box passes from 4,88 W / m2K of the traditional wooden box to 1.35 W / m2K for the same insulated box with PosaClima Renova system then reducing to almost 4 times the heat flow and the consequent heating losses.

One of the great advantages of PosaClima Renova system for the insulation of the case is the great versatility and simplicity of execution that make it suitable for every dumpster and affordable for anyone interested in carrying out this work: the equipment required are in fact minimal and the difficulties nonexistent .

Cassonetto 100 cm composition for insulation Blinds PosaClima Renova

Here are the items that make up this composition:
1) An insulating and reflective self-supporting panel Flexoterm thickness of 10 mm, measuring 120 cm long x 80 cm high.
2) A Termopav panel of 10 mm thick, measuring 105 x 25 cm.
3) U containment pvc for Flexoterm 10 mm, two pieces of 100 cm.
4) A holder profile pvc Spazzofix 100 cm.
A toothbrush height 10 mm Air-stop, from 100 cm cutting.
side headphone Flexoterm to insulate the sides of the box, be derived from Article 1.

You can choose between 4 versions available:

Standard composition: it is the normal version without modification. The thermal and acoustic insulation is standard.

Thermal composition: the composition is implemented by providing Flexoterm panel, pannelloTermopav and containment U PVC for Flexoterm thickness of 20 mm, instead of the standard which has a thickness of 10 mm (see item 1, 2 and 3 of the composition).

Acoustic Composition: the composition Standard plus the acoustic ceiling cuts Acu-stop (Article 6 in the image of the composition): two measuring 60 cm long x 80 cm cutting height.

Thermal and Acoustic Composition: contains both the thickness increased, the acoustic panel. It combines the advantages of Thermal Acoustic Composition Composition and benefits of a single composition.

We present the intervention phase by phase:
The laying work of the thermo-acoustic materials for the insulation of the box is extremely simple and fast. Each stage of this intervention is explained clearly and approdondito way in which contains manual installation instructions.

The document which contains the installation instructions can be downloaded in the section "Documents" of this product.

In the same section you can also be downloaded to the following certifications:
  • Acoustic certification;
  • Certification Thermal transmittance Cassonetto;
  • Certification Air estate.

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