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Fly Screens for Windows and Doors

Fly screens for windows and doors: online shop

On Windowo we offer the best fly screens of various types. Our products use materials elegant and durable that will enhance any home.

While annoying mosquitoes if they are left out, we can keep the windows wide open to regenerate the air inside our house. After all, what could be better for our mood that open the windows and let the light (and only you) enter into our homes? Moreover, thanks to mosquito nets remain outside our house also flies, bugs, spiders, and certainly many other insects that, without sting, do not rejoice. Also the mosquito net can save power by limiting the use of facilities for the treatment of air, such as air conditioners.
An advantage for the environment and for human health, but consequently also an economic advantage.

"Well, I did the order of my new fly screen. How long must I wait?"

Being products tailored, mosquito nets can not be ready immediately. Since the completion of the order will have to wait about 7-10 days.
If you hurry, the best time to make the order (including payment) is by Friday evening (the manufacturer gives us every Thursday ordered the nets by the end of the week before).



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