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Juwel Safes Online Prices

Juwel safes for sale online: prices and offers

If you want to secure your possessions, documents or personal effects, choosing the best safe is essential.

Among the most famous manufacturers of safes there is the Juwel company , active in the sector since 1922. Thanks to Windowo you can discover the Juwel safes catalog and find the models that best suit your needs.

Juwel safety safes are all certified according to the European standard EN ISO 9001/2008 for quality and reliability. Many products have obtained prestigious certifications recognized at European level, such as EN1143.1 for free-standing safes and EN 14450 for wall safes for domestic use.

For this reason, choosing a Juwel safe means relying on a prestigious product, capable of guaranteeing high standards of safety and professionalism.

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Why choose a Juwel safe?

As already mentioned Juwel in the sector is synonymous with professionalism and high quality, a renowned brand in the world of safe production . Among the leading products we find many models of safes for residential use or ideal for public offices and companies.

Juwel safes are distinguished by model and type of closure. Specifically, the models in our Juwel catalog are divided between these types.

Juwel wall safes

The Juwel wall safes allow a very high level of security thanks to the presence of very resistant and robust fixings.

Wall safes are characterized by a high level of safety and protection. We remind you, however, that the wall must not have problems with humidity and condensation.

Juwel furniture safes

This type of safe is designed to be placed outside the walls. Juwel free-standing cassorti , also called free-standing, can be placed anywhere and in any condition, but they must not be turned upside down.

Furniture safes have armor plating that includes the door and the remaining walls. Furthermore, the walls can usually be filled with fireproof or cementitious materials: in this way the weight is increased, an important factor in preventing transport.

The free-standing safes are easy to install, as they do not require masonry work. However, they have the disadvantage of being subject to greater vulnerability to burglary, especially if the walls are not reinforced and the weight is not prohibitive.

Juwel safes: selection guide

There are many aspects to consider when buying a new safe, starting with the model that best suits your specific personal needs and the budget available.

So what are the factors in choosing safes ? To answer, we need to make an overview of the main elements that identify a good safe.

The door of the safe

The safe door includes the safe opening and closing mechanism. In order to offer an adequate level of safety, it must have a high degree of breakthrough resistance .

The door frame must be a single piece, a single piece with the cash register. This is important as it prevents any thieves from pulling the frame off and separating it from the body.

The door and the frame must also be welded flush: between the two elements there must be as little space as possible to prevent the insertion of any object that can act as a break-in lever.

The most vulnerable side of a safe is where the hinges around which the opening mechanism rotates are located. This is why the door must close undercut: when closing, a part of the door must fit behind the frame to ensure greater resistance to burglary by means of a crowbar. Even the hinges must be able to withstand any break-in attempts.

The door must also rest on shatterproof stops placed inside between the box and the frame of the safe. The jokes are used to absorb any blows.

The weight of the safe

Weight is important because it limits the possible transport of the safe, putting criminals in difficulty. However, we emphasize that the lost does not determine the quality of a specific safe.

The value of the safe

The concrete value of a safe is mainly determined by the processing with which it is produced. A higher quality will offer greater guarantees of safety at a higher cost.

Investing in the purchase of a quality safe translates into a higher resistance to possible break-in attempts, as well as a longer duration of the device over time. Furthermore, a safe designed according to the strictest security standards can slow down thieves and induce them to desist from theft.

UNI certification for Juwel safes

Safes manufactured with quality components are marked according to the European standard UNI EN 14450 for safes for private use. The legislation identifies the requirements and testing criteria to which the safes are subjected following their manufacture, necessary to affix the quality mark on the final product.

Juwel safes are certified according to the UNI EN 14450 standard and guarantee superior safety and protection standards.

The opening mechanism of Juwel safes

Juwel safes have different types of locking systems :
  • closure with key lock,
  • mechanical combination,
  • electronic combination,
  • key and mechanical combination,
  • key and electronic combination.

Locking with a key is certainly one of the cheapest methods, but it poses the problem of managing the key: you will have to identify a safe place in which to keep it that is not near the safe and that cannot be easily guessed by a possible thief. . Carrying the key with you at all times could solve the problem, but at the same time it can generate risks related to the possible loss or theft of the key.

The closure with a mechanical combination lock does not present key management problems, as it works by means of a combination which, once set, allows the safe to be opened.

Locks with combined systems , such as the one with key lock plus mechanical combination and the one with key lock plus electronic combination, offer a double protection system, adding both the advantages and disadvantages of the two mechanisms: increased security against possible attempts burglary, but also the duty to keep in mind the combination with the obligation to keep the key.

For electronic combination models that run on batteries, Juwel explains that - in the event of a low battery - the BATTERY signal flashes on the safe display. After the signal appears, at least 50 openings are allowed before the system discharges completely. Even when the batteries are completely exhausted, you can use the supplied cable to connect the safe to an external power source.

Tips for the maintenance of a Juwel safe

The worst enemies of safes are humidity and condensation . It is therefore advisable to install them in places not subject to the formation of these phenomena, in order to limit the need for maintenance. It is important to take into account the manufacturer's advice, carefully following the instructions given in the instruction booklet.

Fortunately, modern safes do not require special maintenance as they are built with very resistant materials that are not subject to wear.

Naturally, malfunctions may occur in the various mechanisms, for example that of opening and closing the safe, or damage caused by proximity to an excessive source of heat, or by improper use of the safe. In this case, it is good practice to request specialized assistance from expert technicians.

There are also some small operations that the user can carry out in complete autonomy to keep the safe in good condition, for example lubricating the lock with a spray. Finally, for normal cleaning we recommend using a damp cloth with neutral soap.

Learn the story behind Juwel safes

Since 1922, Juwel has been one of the leading manufacturers of wall, furniture, hotel safes and mortise locks for doors.

Juwel also produces security locks with the SERCAS brand with double-bitted anti-manipulation key, mechanical combinations with 2-3 anti-manipulation discs and digital electronic combinations, many of which are EN 1300 certified. All JUWEL safes are equipped with Sercas locks .

All items with the JUWEL and SERCAS brands are entirely of Italian production .

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