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Guide Pulley Tenuta Plus Brown OUT Lower PosaClima Renova

PosaClima Renova
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Guide Pulley Tenuta Plus Brown OUT Lower PosaClima Renova

Guide Pulley sealed, brown, for the improvement of the acoustic box of roller shutters.

The Plus model can be disassembled without removing the strap of the roller shutter.
Version strap with exit from under the dumpster.

This belt guide used on straps up to 22 mm wide (suitable for the size of the straps proposed in PosaClima Renova) system.

Guide Pulley sealed
The traditional belt guide rollers leave an open slot that puts you in direct contact with the internal environment and external noise causing drafts and pasaggio. To globally solve the problem of improving thermoacoustic of the box is essential to replace them with the guidecinghia sealingly. The best solution is represented by guidecinghia Renova preventing the air pasaggio.

Fields of application
The Renova belt guide has been specifically designed to ensure the air tightness of the entire box system and is simple to install. The following assembly instructions.

The new guide pulley to lower output should be positioned flush: a lot so it is often necessary to enlarge the headquarters flowing with the rope to create a forum for the insert. After removing the old belt guide is drawn, then the new headquarters of the necessary size and with a saw is riquadra the hole. E 'can make the hole a bit' wider because the closing plate is of large size and hides any defects. Once you realized the hole you put the belt guide, mounting the closure plate and locks with the screws.

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