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Vintage Window Handles - Online Store

Find the best vintage window handles at unmissable prices. Discover romantic lines, capable of recalling the style of the past. Online sale of retro window handles in the Windowo shop.

Vintage window handles to remember the shapes of the past

Discover the most beautiful vintage window handles. The lines of these retro window handles recall the style of the past, to give you back the flavor of the past. Rustic and antique style window handles that give your home the elegance of old rural homes from a bygone era.

Explore our extensive catalog of window handles with vintage charm in our online store. Different types can be purchased: tilt and turn handles for a bottom-hung opening, hammer handles for a more traditional opening and cremone bolts.

On Windowo, you will find unmissable offers to purchase retro window handles, giving the environment a distinctive touch that will radically change the appearance of your home, immersing it in an atmosphere of bygone eras. Choose the timeless sophistication of our vintage window handles and add a touch of elegance to your space.

Vintage window handles add a touch of charm and character to windows, creating a unique, nostalgic feel that modern handles often can't replicate.

Finally, we would like to point out that if you are looking for vintage handles for doors, you can find them all together in our dedicated category.



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