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Expansion dowels for universal fixings - Online sale

Nylon and metal expansion dowels: discover the best prices online. Ideal for universal fixings on concrete and masonry. Buy on Windowo.

Expansion dowels at the best online prices

Are you looking for expansion plugs at the best online price? Windowo is the right shop.

Discover a large quantity of nylon anchors and metal anchors, anchors for concrete, anchors for masonry and any other universal fastening with proven reliability over time.

Do not underestimate the importance of the best expansion anchors: among the various fastening systems they are the most important tools for any installer or DIY enthusiast.

Why the name expansion anchors?

Dowels are small containers made of nylon or metal. They are called "expansion" because, when a screw is screwed inside, they can expand, increasing in volume . Thus the screw is compressed with the masonry and can work at its best.

The inventor of the modern dowel is Arthur Fischer who perfected the previous model (the S-dowel) designed by his father in the 1950s.

Even today, Fischer dowels are considered the best and you can buy them on Windowo at the best online prices.

What are the main advantages of expansion anchors?

  • Extremely versatile : they can be used to fix light and medium loads to masonry, brick, concrete, cellular concrete, stone, solid and perforated materials, brick-cement, plasterboard and chipboard surfaces;
  • They use the action of the screw as a means to increase the force with which they adhere to the wall ;
  • Whether in plastic or metal, they are inserted into the hole made by the drill in order to house the screw which, screwed inside them, will end up stretching them against the surrounding masonry;
  • Great reliability : this is why these small devices have spread like wildfire on a global scale.

How to choose the most suitable dowels?

As you may have noticed, different anchors are on sale based on the function (fix or support) and type of masonry.

We recommend a plastic nylon dowel when the part that will have to expand, that is the external casing, will have to be hosted by a simple masonry.

On the other hand, in the case of perforated bricks, we suggest you use metal anchors.

How do you fit an expansion anchor correctly?

These are the steps to correctly fit an expansion anchor:
  • Mark on the wall the precise point where you will go to insert the plug, I recommend you use a square and pencil;
  • Score the wall with an awl and drill a hole. Try to use a bit of the same size as the dowel;
  • Make a depth of the hole half a centimeter more than the length of the dowel. To adjust the drills usually have a depth rod to refer to;
  • Once the hole has been made, you can vacuum up the dust residues;
  • Insert the dowel, if necessary you can help yourself with a wooden hammer;
  • Lock the plug by rotating the core in the center, with your hands or with a suitable tool;
  • Keep twisting until you feel some resistance, but don't overdo it.

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