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Floor Doorstops

Floor doorstops online at advantageous prices

Are you looking for a floor doorstop to block the movement of a door? If you want to keep the doors of your home open... this is the right category. Discover special prices and unmissable offers for the best models.

Floor doorstop sales: prices and offers

Are you looking for a door stop to block the movement of a door? This is the right category. Discover a large collection of floor doorstop: these products have a refined design and fine finishes able to adapt perfectly to any type of door.

On Windowo you can buy many different door stop models according to your particular furnishing needs. You'll find the classic ones with rubber, traditional brass doorstops, sturdy stainless steel doorstops and even precious doorstops embellished with bright Swarowski crystals.

All the door stop models that we offer for sale online are sold at discounted prices compared to the list value. In this way you can immediately buy the best models on offer.

What is a floor doorstop?

A floor door stop is a device to hold the door open or closed or to prevent the door from opening too much. This object allows you to avoid damaging the walls and interior handles with unwanted bumps.

The term "doorstop" obviously refers to its function as a solid and heavy object, usually equipped with a rubber, positioned along the path of a door.

Floor Doorstops


History of doorstops

Doorstops have always existed, but they were made in a very improvised way. For example, they were made with lead bricks (which later turned out to be toxic), small wedges of wood, rubber, fabric, plastic, cotton or other material. The wedge was kicked into place and the force of the door, blocked by the doorstop itself, provided enough static friction to keep it immobile.

The first specially produced doorstops date back to the 18th century in Europe, becoming widely produced in Europe in the early 19th century. By the mid-19th century, manufacturing had mainly relocated to the United States.

Who Invented Doorstops?

Despite their early production, credit for the invention of the doorstop is usually given to Osburn Dursey, an African American inventor, in 1878. The doorstop was Dursey's most famous invention and was awarded a US patent, number 210,764, for the invention.

Design doorstop for the style of your home

The design doorstops will allow you to keep the doors of the house open without neglecting style. By choosing the most beautiful models you can make your home chic and special. Discover the best doorstops for sale online on Windowo.



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