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Flush door handles - Retractable handles - Recessed handles

Are you looking for flush door handles? In this category you can find different recessed handles with sizes and features suitable for specific needs. Furthermore, various models of casket door handles are available for sale online. Buy accessories for sliding doors on Windowo at low prices on special offers.

Flush door handles for sale online on Windowo

Sliding doors allow a lot of light to pass through and optimize spaces by conveniently connecting the rooms to each other. This type of door normally slides inside the wall and for this reason they are also called disappearing or casket doors. They also need to have special accessories for opening the doors.

Do you have sliding door frames? Are you looking for handles for sliding doors? This section of the Windowo shop is dedicated to accessories for recessed handles for sliding doors. There are many models of sliding door handles on the market, specific for each type of door, single or double leaf. The handles for casket doors aesthetically complete the door and increase its functionality especially in the closing and opening phases. On the market you can find accessories of various sizes and with different finishes such as shiny chrome, satin chrome, brass or bronzed.

The recessed sliding door handles that we offer on Windowo are characterized by a comfortable grip. Furthermore, the shapes are simple and minimal, capable of giving more value to the entire door. Thanks to these accessories, the internal sliding door, once opened, will disappear from view, leaving the passage free and avoiding unpleasant impacts on the corners.

Concealed, built-in and chest flush door handles

When you choose a pocket door or an external sliding door, you should pay close attention to what may seem like a detail and is actually an important element for the aesthetics and functionality of the window: the sliding door handle.

In fact, we know well that in every type of door the handle defines the style and makes opening convenient. If we talk about handles for concealed sliding doors, the design acquires an even more important weight. In fact, the door leaf slides inside the wall and therefore requires an opening solution that allows it to slide out of sight.

What are the best retractable door handles?

Becchetti Bal, Frosio Bortolo, Galbusera, pba, PFS Pasini and many others. These manufacturers of recessed handles for sliding doors have distinguished themselves over the years for the research and innovation of their articles to guarantee reliability and durability over time, creating trendy recessed sliding door handles or those that hark back to the tradition of the past .

Windowo is the online store that sells a vast range of recessed kits for sliding doors in the most varied combinations of colours, shapes and sizes. The kits you find on sale allow you to make the door disappear completely or close it. Products available for both single-leaf and double-leaf sliding doors, in the version with lock, without lock, with lock with folding key and with European cylinder hole.

How to clean flush door handles?

The recessed sliding door handles should be cleaned with a cloth moistened in warm water. Simple, right? This way you can remove any dirt residues. Please, you absolutely must not use solvents or abrasive substances. After cleaning and disinfecting, you can proceed with polishing. We would like to point out that particular attention should be paid to cleaning wooden or lacquered sliding door handles.

There are many products on sale for cleaning casket door handles, but the best remedies remain the do-it-yourself ones. If you want advice on cleaning brass handles you can read the complete guide that you can find for free on our blog.

Disappearing sliding door handles: we hope to have removed any doubts on this matter. For any clarification you can contact us.



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