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Silicones and sealants for doors and windows for sale online

Silicones and sealants for doors and windows: which are the best sealants to use when laying the window? And where should they be applied? In this section you can discover all the solutions to your sealing and fixing problems.

What is a silicone and why is it used?

Silicone is a material formed by molecules generated by the union of oxygen and silicon and is indispensable for performing a series of small DIY jobs at home, but it is also used professionally, in sectors such as industry, construction and cosmetics. In fact, there are various types of silicone for many applications.

Silicone was already known in the early 1900s, when it was launched on the market. Today this product is widely used for its particular characteristics and is considered a valuable work tool, in the professional and non-professional fields.

Buy silicones discounted offer prices

Are you looking for acetic silicone or acrylic ? A silicone for the outside or for the inside of the house that is paintable? The wide professional range of Windowo silicones and sealants offers you all the perfect products to fill, seal, waterproof, with a wide choice of colors and formats.

Discover the best specific silicones for windows for sale online in the Windowo shop. The frames, whether they are windows or external doors, undergo the insistent action of atmospheric agents in the long run. For this it is necessary to choose technical products of professional quality, elastic and with excellent resistance.

Buy your silicone on Windowo and save on the price you would find in hardware.

Your online shop for window sealants

We offer you only the best sealing products, capable of greatly increasing the performance of your fixtures.

Silicones and Sealants



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