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Bulletin Boards for Indoor and Outdoor

Bulletin boards for indoor and outdoor for sale online

Discover the best lockable bulletin boards for indoor and outdoor use. Buy outdoor and indoor noticeboards made to measure in Italy with quality materials. Online sales of outdoor wooden notice boards (and other materials) at low prices on Windowo.

Indoor and outdoor noticeboards: prices and offers

Noticeboards with lock for internal and external use are functional, thanks to the key supplied, for the protection of your communication.

Our indoor noticeboards, mailboxes and outdoor noticeboards are custom-made in Italy with quality materials.

Outdoor price board: at Windowo, we believe that quality should not be a luxury. That's why we offer our noticeboards at affordable prices, without compromising on quality or durability.

Types of custom-made noticeboards

Made in Italy, our noticeboards combine elegant design and quality materials. These outdoor noticeboards are designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, ensuring the best solution for your display needs.

An outdoor noticeboard with lock is the ideal solution for those looking for a safe and reliable solution. These models are perfect for schools, offices, public bodies or exhibition spaces: the lockable external noticeboards ensure that your announcements or displays remain protected and visible only to those you want.

We at the Windowo store understand that every space requires a unique solution. That's why we offer a wide range of custom bulletin boards, designed to meet your specific needs. Discover the variety and quality of our tailor-made noticeboards:

1. Wooden notice boards
Our wooden noticeboards are the perfect choice for those seeking elegance and tradition. Made with high quality materials, these indoor noticeboards are ideal for refined environments such as libraries, historical institutions or as elegant furnishing accessories.

2. Notice boards for office
Office noticeboards are designed for the organization and clear presentation of notices and communications. They are the ideal solution for offices, schools and any working environment where communication is fundamental.

3. Notice boards for pharmacies or other commercial activities
Specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacy noticeboards combine functionality and professional design. They are perfect for displaying important information, opening hours or promotions securely and prominently.

4. Key cabinet holders
Ideal for hotels, offices or residential buildings, our key boards are the perfect solution for managing large numbers of keys in an organized and secure way.

Discover our range of outdoor and indoor noticeboards today and find the perfect solution for your space. Visit Windowo for easy, safe and convenient online shopping.

Noticeboards aales and information: we answer the most frequently asked questions

And finally, here are some of the most common questions regarding message boards, with their respective answers:

Should I choose a bulletin board or a blackboard?
A noticeboard, unlike a blackboard, always has a closing door that protects the contents from tampering and, in the case of outdoor models, also from bad weather. Choose a bulletin board if you need to protect exposed information; a whiteboard is best suited for frequently writing and erasing unprotected information.

What is the difference between an outdoor and an indoor bulletin board?
Outdoor noticeboards are designed to withstand weather conditions and often have features such as IP56 certification for water and dust resistance. Indoor noticeboards, on the other hand, are made for protected environments and can have different characteristics, such as sliding doors or magnetic or cork bottoms.

When is an illuminated noticeboard useful?
Illuminated noticeboards, especially LED ones, are ideal for commercial businesses that want visibility even in the evening or in periods with less natural light. They provide a clear readout of information at any time and can also act as advertising signs.

How to choose the installation location of a noticeboard?
This depends on the space available and the type of board. If you don't have a wall to fix the noticeboard on, you can opt for freestanding models fixed on poles. For outdoor bulletin boards, it is important to consider weather protection and visibility.

What kind of specialty boards are available?
There are various types of specialized notice boards, such as menu boards for restaurants or key boards, useful for organizing keys in hotels, schools, or other facilities. These bulletin boards can have features like interior lighting and customizable logo spaces.

Where can I buy the noticeboards?
For a wide choice of personalized and quality indoor and outdoor noticeboards, you can make your purchases online on Windowo. You will find a variety of options suitable for different needs, with the possibility to choose between different materials, sizes and functions.



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