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Remote controls for gates for sale online

Remote controls for gates: which one to choose? One gate remote control is not the same as the other. Discover the best professional models on Windowo. Our professional range is able to cover different needs.

Remote controls for gates online prices and offers

Gate remote controls are considered among the most important accessories for automatic gate motors.

But how much does a gate remote control cost ? On Windowo you can find the automatic gate remote control at the best price.

Why buy a gate remote control?

  • Convenience : do different people use the gate routinely? Are you tired of hearing the ringing and waiting until someone opens? Buy several checks;
  • Save time and energy : is it raining, cold and you don't want to get out of the car to open the gate or your garage? Never again this problem with the remote control;
  • Safety : garage gates and doors are systems that are always stressed on a daily basis. For this it is better to choose quality products.

The remote control for the electric gate no longer works, what should I do?

If the remote control of the electric gate no longer works, you can restart the devices.

The electrical reset allows you to restart the system and remove any problems that cause the gate automations to malfunction.

We advise you to do this:
  • Remove the battery from the gate remote control;
  • Remove power to the gate receiver for about a minute;
  • Disconnect the receiver from the power supply if the socket is accessible or stop the power supply to the receiver by means of the circuit breaker;
  • Switch the receiver back on and insert the battery back into the automatic gate remote control.

Remote Controls for Automatic Gates



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