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Espagnolette for shutters online shop

Espagnolette for shutters are a type of hardware for shutters, mainly used to close them securely. Find espagnolettes for wooden shutters, strikers and many other accessories for shutters for sale online quickly and easily. Buy your new espagnolette for shutters at prices on offer on Windowo.

Espagnolette for shutters for sale online

Are you looking for espagnolettes for wooden or other material shutters? On Windowo you can find a wide selection of closures for shutters and other types of shutters for windows and external doors for sale online.

Our shutter espagnolettes are not only reliable, but also easy to use. With innovative mechanisms, these closures ensure optimal functionality. The rotating handle and horizontal rod allow for safe and easy closing, ensuring effective protection for your home.

Buying the right espagnolette handle may seem complicated, but not with Windowo. Our online platform makes purchasing quick and easy, with all the information you need for an informed choice.

Spanish lock: shutters hardware store

The espagnolette closure is a type of hardware for shutters, used above all for closing shutters and shutters in general. Espagnolettes consist of a rotating handle connected to a rod, which locks into place with a grapple latch.

Discover our selection of shutter espagnolettes on Windowo. We offer a variety of shutter and shutter solutions, ideal for any type of window or external door. Our range includes products made with high quality materials, ensuring safety and durability over time.

Espagnolette for shutters: how does it work?

The shutter espagnolette is made of iron or steel and consists of a rotating handle integral with a rod, fixed on one of the two doors by means of enveloping plate seats and suitable screws.

The rod rotates horizontally thanks to the action of the handle. The handle of the espagnolette shutter itself, then rotating around a riveted pin, locks in a grapple stop on the other shutter.

At the end of the rod two hooks hook two pegs placed one on the windowsill and the other opposite on the vault of the opening.

What materials are shutter espagnolettes available in?
Generally, shutter espagnolettes are made of resistant materials such as iron or steel, offering strength and durability over time.

Where can I buy espagnolette for shutters?
You can find a wide range of these products in our Windowo online store, with different options to suit various needs and styles.

Do these products require specific maintenance?
Maintenance of espagnolette shutter closures is generally minimal. It is recommended to clean the espagnolettes regularly and check their functioning to ensure a long life.

Are they suitable for all types of shutters?
Most espagnolettes are versatile and can be used on many different types of shutters, but it is important to check the compatibility of your espagnolette for shutters before purchasing.

How can I choose the right espagnolette for shutters?
Consider the material of your shutters, the size, the type of closure you want, and the style you prefer.

Is the espagnolette closure resistant to atmospheric agents?
Yes, most espagnolettes are designed to resist the elements, ensuring long life and effective protection.



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