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Motors for swing gates for sale in the Windowo online store

Motors for swing gates at discounted prices: buy your automatic gate arm on Windowo in comfort and safety. Find the swing gate motor best suited to your specific opening needs.

What are automatisms for swing gates?

They are automatic opening and closing systems for swing gates: most commonly they are the automatic gates that we use every day to put the car in the garage. From a technical point of view, however, the matter is a bit more complex. So let's try to explain better.

How are swing gate motors made?

Motors for swing gates are only a small part of the whole system that makes up an automatic gate. The gate with hinged doors in fact consists of:
  • 1 Motor
  • 1 Electric unit
  • Sensors
  • 2 Photocells

The motor in the swing gates

The motor is the mechanical part of the automatic gate. In a nutshell, it is the mechanism that opens and closes the gate, but it is not he who decides when to perform these actions. To tell him is the control unit.

The control unit in swing gates

The control unit is the electronic part of the automatic gate. It is the part that communicates with the motor and tells it when to open and close the gate. But perhaps you need eyes and ears to understand when to do it.

Sensors and Photocells in swing gates

For this there are other very sensitive electronic components. Sensors and photocells, installed in pairs, are used for gate safety and tell the control unit when to lock the gate. The most frequent cases of blockage could be:
  • When an adult or a child passes by ;
  • When an animal , a dog or a cat passes by ;
  • If there is an object blocking the passage.

How do I know if my gate is swing?

It is very easy to know. The gates can be of 2 types:
  • The swing gate is that gate that opens like a normal door . The gate leaves (single or double depending on the space) rotate around a pin on the sides of the gate. For reasons of space and size, these models are more popular in the residential sector, for houses and condominiums;
  • The sliding gate, on the other hand, is that gate that opens by sliding on a track . To open up, therefore, more space is needed, and that is why it is mostly found in industrial, artisan and company areas. The larger the size, the greater the weight. If you are looking for an automation of this type go to the automation page for sliding gates.

How to install the swing gate motor?

Our online store offers you the best installation kits and products from the best Italian brands such as Aprimatic. Being very technical products, we recommend that you rely on an electrician to install these motors . The same thing goes for buying and choosing. If you have no experience and if you do not know which engine to choose, we recommend that you ask for support from a trusted technician. The advantage of buying on Windowo is that you can find high quality accessories at discounted prices.

What are the advantages of automations for swing gates?

The advantages are the same as those of automatic gates. It is about having more comfort and safety. Here are some cases where you may need it:
  • Do not get out of the car when it rains and when there is bad weather;
  • Greater safety , especially for children;
  • Less time when you get back from work;
  • Possibility to open the gate with remote control or key (traditional method);
  • Ability to change individual spare parts on Windowo.

Where to buy accessories for swing gates?

On Windowo you can find the pieces you are looking for. We also sell complete and ready-to-install gate automation kits . However, if you need help choosing these products, we recommend that you ask us, or rely on a trusted professional.



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