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Gastronorm containers - Best prices and offers

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Gastronorm containers - Professional containers for sale online

Born around the mid-sixties, the Gastronorm is a " standardization system " for professional kitchens, made in standardized dimensions.

Gastronorm: system with standard dimensions for professional kitchens

The goal of the Gastronorm system is to identify universal dimensions for containers, trays, trays and equipment such as ovens, refrigerators, cabinets, bain-marie trolleys, buffet displays, etc.

We are talking about tools for professional use in catering, built in materials suitable not only for cooking, but also for storage, display and transport.

How does the Gastronorm system work? What benefits does it bring to catering?

According to the Gastronorm each element is designed according to a standard measure or on a fraction or multiplication of the same. In this the catering equipment works with containers of the same size.

The big advantage is that it allows you to use the individual elements supplied by different manufacturers without the need to make any adaptations or modifications.

Gastronorm measures: some clarifications

The acronym GN is the abbreviation of Gastronorm. Gastronorm measurements are expressed in millimetres.

The Gastronorm GN 1/1 size is conventionally recognized as the basic standard size.



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