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Vintage handles: rediscover the charm of a retro handle

Vintage handles for an "antique door" effect for sale online. Buy your retro handle quickly and easily to recover the charm of the past. Discover prices and offers on Windowo shabby chic handles.

Vintage, retro and shabby chic handles for sale online

Vintage handles: the past sometimes returns. Today more than ever, the recovery of the past is increasingly a must in home furnishings choices.

Would you like retro handles , which are able to recover the shapes of the past? Or would you like to find shabby chic handles with an aged and worn look? Whatever the design object vintage handle you are looking for, the lines of our collection are able to recover the charm of the past.

Vintage Handles: Give your door a touch of the past

Vintage objects are now considered real cult objects. In fact, the term vintage derives from the French word " vendenge" (in Italian it can be translated as harvest)   and refers to fine vintage wines.

The vintage attribute indicates objects that are at least 20 years old and that have become cult over time because they are made with quality materials (such as fine vintage wines) or because they have marked the custom and culture to such an extent as to be still considered precious and inimitable.

A trunk of memories, hidden in the attic, from which come out ... your new vintage handle. Discover the best models of vintage handles straight from a bygone era. The lines of this collection are able to recover the charm of the past.

Shabby chic handles: nostalgia with a retro flavor

A vintage handle can be shabby chic. The word literally means shabby chic "elegant corners". The shabby chic style refers to a furnishing style that aims to put the accent on furniture and accessories with a worn and aged look.

Today shabby chic furniture is very fashionable for the touch of romance and elegance it is able to convey. This style is characterized by the use of colors such as pastel shades, but be careful to use too many greens or pinks: otherwise your home will look like a candy box!

Shabby kitchen handles: ideal accessories for furnishing

Among the home decor trends, shabby chic is one of the most enduring and has been able to reinvent itself over time. From the living room to the solotto there are many reasons to be seduced by this mood halfway between vintage and country.

The shabby chic handles impart a nostalgia with a retro flavor to all the rooms of the house in which they are inserted. This is the right furniture style to give guests visiting the house a sense of security and an informal atmosphere. In particular, we recommend the shabby kitchen handle models.

The shabby kitchen handles are elegant, lived-in, inspired by the style of ancient English country houses. These retro interior door handles are able to give off the typical warmth of objects that have a story to tell.

Buy vintage handles in the Windowo shop: prices and offers

Buying retro handles on Windowo is easy and convenient. Vintage door handles are sold by the pair: the price includes two accessories (for both sides of the door you want to furnish). Just enter the product sheet of a vintage handle to immediately see an accurate description and the selling price. As you can see our discounted offers are unbeatable.



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