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Steel Armored Shutters

Steel Armored Shutters Prices

Steel armored shutters: protect your home from theft and bad weather

Steel armored shutters are a solution to protect your homes from burglary and theft attempts. Furthermore, these models offer greater privacy and protection from the elements. Choose the model, enter the measurements and calculate the best price on Windowo.

Armored shutters in insulated steel at the best prices

Armored roller shutters are a solution against the increasing number of burglary and burglary attempts in homes. The armored shutters are not only an element of protection, but also serve to guarantee safety, privacy and defend against bad weather.

Armored security shutters are a great ally for home windows: in addition to protecting us from atmospheric agents and maintaining the correct temperature, they are able to resist against break-in attempts. In fact, traditional shutters are often a weak point in terms of safety because they are too easy to tamper with.

Finally you can sleep peacefully: the steel roller shutters that you find for sale online on Windowo are produced with certified raw material.

What are the differences between armored and traditional shutters?

The main methodology by which offenders enter homes is the lifting of the roller shutter, which will not be possible with armored shutters. They are also perfect for hindering breakthrough attempts and other access methods.

Armored roller shutters or gratings?

An armored roller shutter is probably more practical than security bars. This is because it allows you to choose the opening level to let in light or air. Also from a visual point of view, the shutters are more open to the outside and do not limit the view.

Class of security shutters

The main feature of armored shutters is the guaranteed safety level . There is a numerical scale to evaluate the safety classification ranging from 1 to 5, where 1 is the lowest level, to get to 5 which represents the top of the range.

The lowest is class 1 which resists break-in attempts for only 3 minutes through the use of physical force alone. Class 2 offers a resistance of 3 minutes with not very advanced burglary tools. Class 3 can defend itself for up to 5 minutes using a crowbar. Classes 4 and 5 are able to last 10 and 15 minutes respectively.

Why choose armored shutters in insulated steel?

Steel is a very resistant material, capable of hindering even drilling attempts . It is no coincidence that it is used to guarantee level 4 and 5 safety performance.

So what are the best armored roller shutters? In our opinion Windowo are steel shutters , capable of guaranteeing the right protection for break-in attempts (class 4 and 5) and in terms of resistance to atmospheric agents.

What are the costs of armored roller shutters for the home?

The best way to save is to find the right compromise on security (depending on the context and your need).

How much do security shutters cost? The cost varies according to the material and model, the aluminum armored shutters are among the cheapest and have an average cost of € 60-100 to which to add the installation (€ 60-100). The highest costs are for automated electric shutters with the highest safety class.

Armored shutters prices on offer on Windowo

Armored shutters price: discover a wide range of insulated steel shutters at the best online prices.

Steel shutters have a cost per square meter. In addition, the prices of the armored shutters are on offer and VAT included.

Are you looking for a steel roller shutter? Calculate the free estimate of armored shutters and save!

Steel Armored Shutters



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