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Automation for Shutters

Shutter Automation

Electric shutter automation for sale online

Discover the best items for shutter automation: remote control motors for roller, swing, folding and sliding electric shutters.

Shutter Automation for sale online

The automation of the shutters today is more and more widespread. It is an interesting investment to save energy and facilitate movements in complete safety. There are no contraindications to motorize your shutters, indeed there are cases in which it is important to be able to control them remotely. For example in small rooms with little space to move in, or when a table is placed close to the window. Operating the blinds with just a button or a remote control really simplifies everyday life.

Automation of swing shutters, prices and much more

Are you looking for a motorization for roller shutters, folding or sliding shutters? If you are tired of having to walk around the house every night to close the shutters you are in the right category. In fact, in the Windowo online store you can motorize your shutters by choosing between different motor models, all able to preserve the aesthetics of your shutters.

Motorized shutters, i.e. with electric motor, can be equipped with various types of movement including:

  • swing shutters : these are the traditional swing shutters that open towards the outside of the building;
  • roller shutters : very similar to roller shutters and often confused with the latter, they differ from the presence of the folding slats.
  • periane a book : these shutters "pack" on themselves as if they were the pages of a book;
  • sliding shutters : these shutters slide sideways with respect to the frame.

Curiosity: did you know that there are also particular Genoese shutters that can be opened outwards thanks to the flaps? These small openings allow you to conveniently adjust the passage of light and the flow of air. The Genoese shutters are especially suitable in contexts of restoration of historical architecture.

Automation for electric motorized swing shutters

Among the most common blackout systems, especially in apartments, there are obviously shutters. They generally consist of two doors with a series of fixed or adjustable slats, to be opened and closed as needed. Opening and closing the shutters manually every evening and every morning is not so simple: hence the advantage of using the automation system and operating them electrically and with a button. This is why we offer you a wide choice of solutions for motorized swing shutters .

To make your life easier, we sell these discreet and easy-to-install motorized shutter systems online. You will not have to upset the facade of your home or go through expensive renovations.

Furthermore, the automation of the shutters is also convenient for those with mobility problems such as the handicapped, for those who have furniture under the window for which leaning becomes complex or for the presence of railings between windows and shutters.

How to automate a shutter: information and prices

Are you wondering how much an electric shutter costs? It depends on the type of opening, the number of sashes and the size of the window opening. A professional kit for automating swing or sliding shutters costs from 300 to 500 euros , depending on how sophisticated it is and the type of shutter you want to move.

Shutters automation: what are you waiting for? Discover the unmissable offers of Windowo.



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