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Opening Shutters from Inside Opener Kit with Crank Aprifacile

Tecnometalsystem (TMS)
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Opening shutters from inside - Kit Aprifacile Tecnometalsystem

Aprifacile Tecnometalsystem is a modern device equipped with a clutch, which allows the shutters to be opened, closed and locked in any position from inside the home without having to open the internal window.

With this manual shutter opening mechanism you can move the shutter from inside the house thanks to the handy crank.

Opening Shutters from Inside Opener Kit with Crank Aprifacile

Shutter opening by hand with easy and safe crank

Easy opener is very convenient when adverse weather conditions (heat, cold, rain, wind and frost) do not allow you to open the window to access the shutter.

In air-conditioned environments it is even indispensable : it allows, in fact, energy savings. It also allows you to operate, while remaining comfortably inside the home, even shutters that are difficult to reach; as in the case of walls with particularly high thicknesses that make it difficult and dangerous to lean out, due to the presence of railings or other obstacles.

For an optimal use of the product we do not recommend the assembly of the easy opener on balconies.

Apertura Persiane dall'Interno Kit Aprifacile Tecnometalsystem

How to open the external shutters from the inside?

The gradual drop in temperatures continues and we know that it is becoming increasingly difficult to open the windows to check the shutters. Aprifacile TMS is the ideal solution when the weather is bad.

This innovative mechanism with clutch allows you to open, close and lock the shutter in any position comfortably from the inside, without having to open the window! It also allows you to operate, while remaining comfortably inside the home, even shutters that are difficult to reach.

In addition, the Aprifacile system guarantees considerable energy savings .

But can you create a thermal bridge with this kit to open the shutters?

Absolutely not. The movement rod, as seen in the assembly technical drawings, is housed in an aluminum tube with the two ends closed by a nylon cap which considerably reduces the heat loss of the hole made in the frame.

Also inside the house, on the hole of the internal frame, a thermal hole cover is placed.

Dove posso inserire il kit apertura persiana Aprifacile Tecnometalsystem?

Where can I insert the Tecnometalsystem Aprifacile shutter opening kit?

Aprifacile is suitable for all existing fixtures and assembly is very simple and fast.

If there is a mosquito net, with Aprifacile it can remain closed during the opening / closing of the external shutter (see later).

For use, a minimum space of 90 mm is required between the external and internal frame.

Cosa include il kit Aprifacile Tecnometalsystem

What does the kit for opening the shutters with crank from inside the house include?

All you need to open the shutters by hand:
  • Tubular with winch;
  • Arm with sliding guide;
  • Base with square bar;
  • Removable metal handle.

Optional (if you are interested contact us):
  • Operating rod with joint;
  • Command for maneuvering rod.

Apertura persiana con zanzariera

Persian opening with mosquito net: how to solve the problem?

Opening the shutter with the mosquito net mounted will no longer be a problem!

In fact, with the Aprifacile kit the mosquito net remains closed during the opening and closing phases of the external shutter.

To assemble the mosquito net with the Aprifacile device, use the mosquito net cap and one of the profiles you see in the photos below.

If you do not use the mosquito net for a long time (for example in winter) you can easily remove the compensator profile for the mosquito net , and then insert it again when necessary.

Accessori per aprire le persiane Tecnometalsystem (TMS) ai migliori prezzi online

Tecnometalsystem (TMS) accessories to open shutters at the best prices online

Thanks to its innovation and creative ability, the Tecnometalsystem company seizes the opportunities that present themselves to always be at the forefront.

Tecnometalsystem development lines are a constant product innovation and a growing integration of the offer.

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