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Indoor mailboxes for sale online

Discover a wide range of indoor mailboxes for sale at competitive prices on Windowo. We offer a wide online selection of mailbox models in sizes suitable for every need. Each indoor mailbox was made in Italy with high quality materials, ensuring durability and style.

Indoor mailboxes for sale at the best prices

Windowo offers you a vast selection of indoor mailboxes in various models and sizes for sale online. Precise workmanship and high quality materials: this is why our range of indoor mailboxes is a collection not to be missed.

Indoor mailboxes: our complete range

As already mentioned, the materials are top quality and are also recyclable. For example, walnut finish wood for the structures, laminate or aluminum sheets for the cladding create a system of robust structures even if made up of numerous units.

Find the perfect interior mailbox composition to be inserted in entrances and rooms. The accessories and various customizations available allow you to complete interior mailbox compositions with great effect.

Modern mailboxes made in Italy

Do you need a quote for a custom-made internal cistern ? Our technical office is also always available to find the solution best suited to your needs.

Here is a series of frequently asked questions regarding indoor mailboxes, with the related answers:

Where are indoor mailboxes installed?
Indoor mailboxes are generally installed in common areas of residential or commercial buildings, such as entrances, corridors or areas dedicated to receiving mail. They are ideal for apartment buildings, offices, or buildings where external access to the mailbox is not practical or safe.

Are indoor mailboxes safe?
Yes, internal mailboxes are designed to be secure. They are equipped with robust locks and locking mechanisms to protect correspondence from unauthorized access. However, the level of security may vary depending on the model and quality of the mailbox.

How do you choose the right size for an indoor mailbox?
The size depends on the amount of mail you expect to receive and the space available for installation. For an apartment building or office with many tenants or employees, it is advisable to choose larger mailboxes or a multiple mailbox system.

Is it possible to customize indoor mailboxes?
Yes, many interior mailboxes offer customization options, such as color choices, name plaques, and sometimes even materials and finishes. This allows you to adapt the mailbox to the aesthetics of the building .

Is it necessary to regularly maintain indoor mailboxes?
Regular maintenance is minimal. It is recommended to clean the mailbox periodically and check that the lock and hinges work properly. Maintenance may vary depending on the construction material of the mailbox.

How are indoor mailboxes installed?
Installation may vary depending on the model. Some indoor mailboxes can be mounted on the wall with screws and anchors, while others may require a dedicated support or structure. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe and correct installation.

Can indoor mailboxes be used for large parcels and deliveries ?
It depends on the specific mailbox model. Some models are designed with a larger compartment to accommodate small to medium-sized packages. However, for large parcels, an alternative delivery system may be necessary (see the parcel boxes we sell online).

Indoor mailboxes for sale at the best prices



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