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Roman blinds for sale online at the best prices

Roman blinds: discover the most beautiful ones with a modern or simple style. Find your new roman blind among many glass, folding, taut and curled models. Online sales at the best prices in the Windowo online store.

Modern or simple Roman blinds for sale online

Roman blinds are fantastic furnishing accessories, able to give that extra touch of style to a space.

Choosing a modern Roman blind is ideal as a basis for a double curtain in the living room because it filters the lights and makes the atmosphere comfortable.

A Windowo online Roman blind is able to combine the qualities of the fabric with the practicality of technology.

What are Roman blinds?

If you've tried them before, then you already know that modern Roman curtains are particularly comfortable. The vertical scrolling takes place thanks to the control wires that are packaged at the top. These threads run along small loops sewn into the fabric, which are usually not visible.

Simple Roman blinds , but also the most innovative models, can be mounted on the doors of the windows, on the walls or on the ceilings.

Elegant Roman blinds are usually cheaper and less bulky than classic modern interior curtains. However, they guarantee privacy and shield the light in the same way, with the advantage of dosing it with more balance in the rooms. When they are open they decorate the house with fabrics, when closed they are tidy and filter the light.

What are the characteristics of Roman blinds?

Roman blinds differ from traditional blinds in the type of closure: instead of curling horizontally at the sides of the fixtures, they close vertically at the top of the window or at the desired length using cords, ties or chains.

Package tents: there are really many types. Some models are fixed directly to the glass (for this reason they are called glass roman blinds ), others are fixed to the ceiling or to the wall. You can also combine them with classic curtains, to brighten or darken the room.

Roman blinds for interiors are made in different fabrics : from cotton to heavier fabrics. Depending on the fabric used, they create privacy in rooms such as a bathroom or bedroom, or softly filter the light into the dining room or study.

Types of Roman blinds

As already mentioned, there are various models : curled, blackout or modern package curtains. Let's see the differences between the two main types.

Roman blinds stretched
It falls vertically and closes by folding the fabric back on itself, without puckering. To keep the fabric taut and fold it geometrically, slats sewn on the back are used. This type is meant for a modern, minimalist or ethnic style of furniture, depending on the fantasy.

Ruffled Roman blinds - Balloon curtains
The gathered Roman blinds (or balloon curtains) are closed by curling the fabric in voluminous folds thanks to an ingenious draft system. For this reason, when taking the measurements, remember that you need more fabric, at least 20%. This type of pleated blinds are ideal for a classic, rustic style or for a shabby chic decor.

What is the most suitable fabric for Roman blinds?

The texture of the fabric influences the way the sheet falls. For the simple and battened Roman blind, cotton, linen and synthetic fabrics characterized by ease of cleaning are suitable.

Structured fabrics can be chosen in the elaborate curtains. Aspects related to sun shielding and blackout should also be carefully considered.

Advantages and disadvantages of Roman blinds

Advantages of Roman blinds
  • they are less bulky than other tents;
  • if mounted on the ceiling they hide the roller shutter boxes;
  • if mounted on the glass they are simple to install and easily adjust the desired amount of light;
  • ease of opening of the window, both normally with sash and vasistas.

Disadvantages of Roman blinds
  • disassembling them to clean them can be complicated, it takes time and dexterity;
  • if the curtain is attached to the ceiling, to open the window you will first need to close it completely at the top;
  • we do not recommend them for windows that are opened and closed frequently.

How to assemble Roman blinds?

How to measure the window frame to be sure you are purchasing the right Roman blinds? We recommend that you use a good measuring tape and something to mark the points where you will need to drill to insert the supports of the curtain mechanism.

Then drill the holes or attach the sticky hooks for the rod. At this point you can screw the supports to which you will have to fix the implant. The rod is attached to the locking mechanism, to which you will have to hook the curtain with the eyelets. On the bottom part of the tent there are counterweights (they are used to make it fall straight).

Eventually you have to check that the draft system is working, to see if the curtains open and close properly.

Roman blinds online: prices and offers

Are you looking for an elegant solution for your rooms? You can buy the best Roman blinds online on Windowo.

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