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Accessories for Roller Shutters

Accessories for Roller Shutters and Spare Parts

Accessories for roller shutters and spare parts for sale online

Accessories for roller shutters for sale online at the best prices on Windowo. In this category you will find our special offers on rollers, guides, straps and many other roller shutter spare parts.

Accessories for roller shutters: online prices and offers

Accessories for roller shutters: discover the best spare parts for roller shutters on special offers on Windowo.

How important are shutters! They defend the house from bad weather, sun and heat and also from the intrusion of malicious people. Precisely for this reason we must try to keep them in the best conditions. Luckily these roller shutter accessories are perfect for both new installations and replacements .

Rolling rollers for roller shutters, sliding guides, safety blocks and many other roller shutter accessories to help with DIY assembly operations.

Shutter accessories for sale online in the Windowo shop

We guarantee you the right prices for roller shutter accessories: we work every day to give you the best in special offers.

Discover a vast selection of accessories for home roller shutters: sealed belt guides, winders, roller shutter safety and locks, rope straps for roller shutters, horizontal belt loops and much more to help you with repairs.

In Windowo's extensive catalog of roller shutter spare parts you can find roller shutter accessories for aluminum roller shutters and roller shutter spare parts perfect for installing on PVC roller shutters.

Accessories for roller shutters and spare parts: the answers to the most common questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions on the topic of "accessories for roller shutters and spare parts", with the related answers.

What are the most common types of roller shutter accessories?
The most common types include belts, winches, springs, end caps, swivels and guides.

How can I replace a roller shutter belt?
To replace the belt, you need to remove the box, unhook the old belt, attach the new one to the shutter and roller, and then reassemble everything. To find out more, read our guide on how to change the shutter cord in 5 minutes.

How often do I have to replace my roller shutter accessories?
The frequency depends on the use and quality of the accessories, but an annual check is recommended to keep the shutters in good condition.

Can I motorise a manual roller shutter?
Yes, there are motorization kits (shutter motors) that allow you to convert manual shutters into electric shutters.

How can I adjust the tension of the roller shutter springs?
The tension of the springs can be adjusted by rotating the roller on which the shutter is wound, but it is a job that requires caution to avoid damage.

What is the difference between a winch and a roller shutter motor?
The winch is a manual mechanism for lifting the roller shutter, while the motor is an electric device that does the same job automatically.

How can I understand if I need to replace the components of my shutters?
Signs such as difficulty moving, abnormal noises, or visible wear on accessories indicate the need for replacement.

What to do if the roller shutter does not close or open completely?
Check if there are any blockages, if the belt is intact, or if there are any problems with the rollers or guides. Sometimes it may be necessary to adjust or replace some components.

Where can I buy accessories and spare parts for roller shutters?
Accessories and spare parts can be purchased at hardware stores, retailers specializing in shutters and roller shutters, or online on Windowo.

Accessories for Roller Shutters and Spare Parts



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