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Custom-made wooden venetian blinds at the best prices

Our custom-made wooden venetian blinds, offered for sale online in this Windowo category, are ideal for furnishing and darkening home and office spaces. These wooden Venetian blinds offer practicality, along with a touch of class. Furnish and darken your home and office spaces with your new Italian quality wooden venetian blind. Slat thicknesses and colors of your choice.

Custom wooden venetian blinds for sale online

The wooden venetian blinds are an ideal solution to darken and manage the light in the rooms and to furnish the windows of the home and office.

The venetian blinds that you find for sale online on Windowo give a touch of class to the room at the right price, without sacrificing practicality and quality.

Where to install the wooden Venetian blinds?

You can install a custom-made wooden blind in any room: not only in the home, but also in the office and in meeting rooms. This is because they are not simply functional, but also beautiful to look at.

These elegant wooden blinds are made with various slat thicknesses, such as 25, 50 or 70 mm. If you want to place them on the frame, we recommend the 25 mm ones, if you need to obscure large dimensions you can choose those of 50 or 70 mm.

How to choose a wooden venetian blind for interiors?

  • If you have large windows, choose 50 mm or 70 mm slats, in this case the ideal fixing would be on the wall or ceiling (or even on the frame if they are fixed windows);
  • If you have smaller windows that can be opened, then choose 25 mm slats with internal fixing to the glass.

How to order a wooden venetian blind online?

  • Choose the model you want;
  • Enter the base and height measurements;
  • Calculate the cost immediately with our configurator;
  • Choose the color and accessories;
  • Proceed with the order by entering the data and payment method you prefer;
  • Finished! You have completed the order of your wooden venetian blinds online.

Wooden Venetian Blinds



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