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Indoor pleated blinds are simple and versatile curtains to screen out the light and protect privacy from prying eyes. In the classic standard models, the fabric of the pleated blinds is slightly stiff and folded.

It is usually supported by two profiles , one upper and one lower. The profile is anchored to two lateral tie rods attached to the window profile.

How are interior pleated blinds assembled?

Assembly and installation of pleated blinds, there are three variants:
  • The pleated blinds with supports are anchored to the window sash thanks to special interlocking supports, without the need to drill holes;
  • The velcro pleated blinds are applied to the window sash using a velcro strip: just glue one half of the velcro to the window, and then attach the pleated blinds to the velcro. And that's it!
  • The pleated blinds with guide are specially designed for Velux windows. Equipped with a box with aluminum profiles on all four sides, they are ideal for roof windows and skylights in the attic.

You don't need a drill for assembly, you don't need to drill holes or attach nails. So you don't risk damaging the window.

Pleated blinds leave no traces on the wall, on the window profile or on the sash: this is why they are also perfect for renters.

What are the advantages of pleated blinds?

  • They are easy to install ;
  • They are adjustable in order to leave uncovered space, at the bottom or at the top. This allows you to optimally modulate the brightness of the room and guarantees flexible protection from prying eyes;
  • Blackout pleated blinds are also available, ideal for bedroom windows and children's bedrooms. You can also leave a glimmer of light;
  • They can be shortened to measure : choose a model of pleated blind that can be shortened. With a cutter you can shorten the fabric and with a hacksaw the profile.

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