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Badge and magnetic card readers - Online shop

Badge, card and magnetic card readers for sale online on Windowo. These high-tech devices are ideal for saving on access control in structures such as companies, hotels, rented rooms, B&Bs, co offices. Buy your new badge reader at a low price on special offer.

Badge, card and magnetic card readers for sale online

In recent years, time clocks have been replaced by presence detectors with badge readers. A magnetic card and badge reader allows you to save a lot on access control costs.

In fact, it was once not possible to automate these processes. Today, however, you can control access to a specific place thanks to these badge reader technologies.

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What are badge readers used for?

Badge readers are built to interface with electronic badges . For example, in the case of companies, by passing the badge through the badge reader an employee is recognized as present. Then the shift start time is recorded directly on the magnetic strip or on the microchip.

Once logged in with the magnetic card, the data is collected by some terminals, which then transfer them to special servers. In these servers the data is processed by software, all completely automatically.

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Badge readers: questions and answers

Here are the most frequently asked questions about badge readers, along with their answers:

What is a badge and magnetic card reader?
A badge reader is a device that reads encoded information on cards or magnetic cards. This information may be used to control access to certain areas or purposes.

What types of badge readers are available on Windowo?
Windowo offers a variety of badge readers, including those for magnetic cards, RFID chip cards and NFC cards.

What are common applications for badge readers?
Badge readers are used in a wide range of industries, including businesses, hotels, room rentals, B&Bs and coworking spaces, for access control and attendance monitoring.

How do magnetic card readers work?
Magnetic card readers use a magnetic sensor to read the magnetic data encoded on the card, allowing access or registration.

What is an RFID card and how does its reader work?
An RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) card uses radio wave technology to communicate with the reader, allowing access without physical contact.

Do badge readers require additional software?
Yes, dedicated software is often needed to manage badge reader access and permissions.

Are badge readers compatible with existing security systems?
Compatibility of badge readers with existing systems may vary.

Can I integrate badge reader data with other company systems?
Yes, card reader data can be integrated with other business systems, such as human resources management or access control.



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