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Automation for Gates

Automation for Gates

Gate automation: best prices and special offers

Automation for gates is a system that allows you to open and close the gate without having to get out of the car. This is possible thanks to a remote control that sends a signal to the gate motor, which makes it open or close. On Windowo you can find the best automatic gate kits at low prices on special offers.

What is gate automation?

Gate automation is a system that helps you to open and close your gate with ease and comfort, using a remote control and while remaining in the car. On Windowo you can find the kits to transform a traditional gate into an automatic gate.

The advantages of gate automatisms

What are the advantages and advantages of these gate automations? Here is a short list:
  • Gate automation is convenient : you can open the gate while being indoors, perhaps in rain or storm;
  • The automation for gates is safe : the gate stops when someone or something passes in front of the photocells;
  • There are automatic systems for every situation : for example for the home, condominium, or for companies, because the use of the gate is different;
  • The pieces are modular : if something breaks, you don't need to change the whole system. On Windowo you can find replacement accessories at discounted prices.

How does the gate automation work?

Let's take an example. Let's pretend you're in the car and it's raining ...
  1. To open the gate, use a remote control (this is the most common method).
  2. When you press, a warning signal is sent to the control unit which communicates with the gate. The control unit is in fact the heart of the gate automation. Without that nothing can work.
  3. The control unit then tells the motor to open the gate, and this finally opens. It seems that the operation took a long time but, in reality, all these steps are very fast.

In summary: how is an automation system for gates made?

automation for gates online sale
Above you can see the example of an automatic swing gate.

The system for opening a gate is made up of a few but very important accessories that must work together and that cannot be missing in an automation system for gates. The main ones for sale online on Windowo are:
  • Engine
  • Electric unit
  • Sensors
  • Photocells

The motor for gates

The gate motor is directly proportional to the size of the gate . It can therefore be:
  • Single motor for small and light gates
  • Double motor for large and heavy gates

If we are talking about a house where aesthetics are important, you can use an underground gate motor. In fact, this is an excellent gate automation system that respects the external appearance.

Photocells for gates

Gate photocells are as small as they are important . They are in fact the eyes of a gate, that is, they see when a person, an animal or an object is passing in front of the gate. If the gate is closing, the photocells send a signal to the control unit which will block the motor.

Photocells are crucial for safety , which we had already seen among the advantages of gate automation. To work, 2 photocells are needed.

The electric control unit for gates

The control unit for gates is the heart of a gate automation kit . The control unit is the brain that receives the signal from the remote control and also from the photocells. The brain then tells the motor to open, close or lock the gate.

How many gate automations are there?

There are various types and can be chosen according to the building and use.

1. According to the type of opening

  • Gate automation with remote control : this is the most convenient and popular way to open an automatic gate;
  • Gate automation with key : to be inserted in the lock.

2. According to the type of building

  • Automation for house gates : it is small, light and is opened a few times a day;
  • Automation for condominium gate : it is heavier and is opened several times a day;
  • Automation for company gates : it is the largest and heaviest type, and is opened very often.

3. According to the type of gate

  • Swing gate automation: these are gates that open with 1 or 2 leaves, around a pin. They are comfortable when there is little space, or for houses or condominiums;
  • Sliding gate automation: these are gates that open by sliding on a rail. The advantage is that they can be much longer, so they are suitable for companies, parking lots and very large entrances.

Gate automatisms for sale online

Windowo is the shop specializing in the online sale of automation systems for gates , assembly kits and accessories to replace. You can find the best Italian brands, including Aprimatic. Now that you know everything about automatic gates, you just have to choose among the many products on sale.



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