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Blindy Burglar-proof Bar Armoring Doors and Windows Extensible

Brands: Blindy
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Blindy Bar represents protection insurance. It "nails" shutters firmly against the wall, offering extraordinary resistance against any attempted break-in from the outside.
With Blindy anti-burglary bar you "nail" shutters and blinds to the wall.

Lock the shutters from the inside. Remarkable resistance to break-in attempts.
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Blindy Burglar-proof Bar Armoring Doors and Windows Extensible

Discover Blindy, the burglar-proof bar for shutters

Blindy Bar guarantees a high resistance to burglary of the central part of the shutters, shutters and (in particular) of French windows. A guarantee that is evident in double-leaf windows (usually weaker).

This busway shutters if applied on blinds and shutters the "nails" to the wall, ensuring a great resistance to the attempts of burglary from the outside.

This is the best solution for locking shutters from the inside.

blindy sbarra antiscasso blindatura porte e finestre

Blindy Burglar-proof Bar Armoring Doors and Windows Extensible
It installs in a short time and can be inserted and removed in an instant, according to your needs.

What are the measures of Blindy Extensible bar?

Blindy Bar is available in the following versions (extensibility of your choice):
  • Bar from 50cm to 80cm;
  • Bar from 70cm to 120cm;
  • Bar from 100cm to 180cm.

Anti Scasso Blindy Sbarra estensibile misure

Each Blindy Bar package contains:

  • n ° 1 iron tube bar;
  • n ° 1 extensible stainless steel tube;
  • n ° 2 iron hooks to block the door;
  • n ° 2 iron wall plates;
  • n ° 1 pair of Blindy Tops in reinforced pvc;
  • n ° 1 nylon knob;
  • Screws and dowels for installation;
  • The iron hooks are protected by cataphoresis and black powder coating.

Blindy Sbarra Antiscasso Blindatura Porte e Finestre Estensibile

Blindy Bar is made in Italy with quality materials

  • External round made of carbon steel protected by cataphoresis plus black paint;
  • Internal round made of extensible stainless steel;
  • Door locking hooks with Top System : hook reinforcement.

ganci top blindy sbarra

Door locking hooks with Top System

The Door Lock Hooks are one of the fundamental parts for the resistance to the effort of the Blindy Bar. They are made from a single piece of 0.5 mm sheet metal.

The Top system is made up of reinforcements that are inserted under the hooks and exponentially increase safety in the event of an attempted break-in.

blindy sbarra sicurezza

Blindy Bar is burglar-proof and extensible!

Blindy Bar can be extended as much as desired. This is useful in the case of oversized doors, gates and windows.

Blindy Sbarra estensibile misure antiscasso windowo

How to choose the right size of Blindy Bar?

  • Take a meter;
  • Measure the width of the wall hole as shown in the image (shoulder to shoulder measurement);
  • Choose the measure with the range within which your measure falls.

misure blindy sbarra

For example: if the measurement is 80 cm, the right size to choose for the Blindy Bar will be the one from 70 cm to 120 cm.

Blindy Bar is extra strong: you can feel safe!

If a further strengthening of the central part of the door or the shutter is required, two more hooks (sold separately) can be applied to the sides as shown in the photos.

blindy sbarra extraforte antiscasso estensibile vendita online prezzo

With Blindy Bar doors and windows are barred even to the most "experts"!

Blindy Sbarra porte finestre persiane scuri blindatura prezzo acquista

blindy sbarra estensibile misure blindatura serramenti infissi prezzo daolio

Blindy Bar is nailed to the wall

With Blindy Sbarra you can make the weakest points of the shutter or shutter safe. In the absence of a safety system, they could open in a few seconds.

Blindy Sbarra allows you to lock the two central points by inserting directly into the shoulder of the concrete wall for a good 5 cm to the right and 5 cm to the left. The combined action of steel and concrete makes your shutters (or shutters) armored.

What are the accessories for Blindy Bar? (sold separately)

Through the Blindy Sbarra accessories it is possible to increase safety (sold separately):
NOTE: To complete your purchase, consider ordering the other Blindy accessories (which can be purchased separately on Windowo).

Here's how Blindy Bar interacts with other Blindy accessories:

sistema di blindatura blindy sbarra daolio protezione scasso

blindy rostro sbarra impossibile entrare

NOTE: You can buy the Blindy Rostrums (art. BPA200) separately on Windowo.

The combination of the Blindy Rostrums with the Blindy Bar guarantees a high level of protection against the central burglary (between the two doors).
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