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Safes for Furnishings

Safes for Furnishings for Sale Online

Safes for furnishings: safety and protection just a click away

Welcome to the section dedicated to safes for furnishings on Windowo, your online point of reference for high quality safety and protection products at competitive prices. Here you can discover a vast selection of furniture safes, designed to offer maximum security for your most precious possessions (and with the comfort of being able to install them directly inside your furniture). From jewelry to important documents, our mobile safes are the ideal option for those looking for a discreet and reliable solution.

Safes for furnishings for sale in the Windowo online store

Mobile safes, also called safes for furnishings or free-standing safes, have been designed to guarantee maximum security and to prevent any attempted break-in on each side of the product. They can be fixed on different surfaces, on the wall, on the floor, or even on external shelves.

Mobile or free-standing safes, such as the Giuno Bordogna model, are the solution for having an effective security system without having to intervene with masonry works. In our online shop you can find a wide range of mobile safes, differentiated by manufacturer, size, type of lock and price.

A simple selection system will allow you to quickly search for the freestanding safe best suited to your needs. Technical data sheets for each safe will illustrate the product in every aspect.

Maximum safety without masonry work

A safe for furnishing is perfect for any environment: it can be anchored to the wall and/or floor without the need to carry out bricklaying work . Furthermore, mobile safes are the ideal solution for homes with walls that are not suitable for a wall safe.

The Windowo team chose several mobile safes that met the pre-established requirements and had the best value for money. The safes we have chosen are produced by leading companies in safe production such as the Cisa company and the Italian brand models Bordogna Casseforti.

Designed to prevent any attempted break-in on each side of the safe, they can be fixed to different surfaces, built into furniture or fixed to the wall or floor. They have steel fronts of different thicknesses and the closures can be electronic, key or mechanical.

It is also possible to choose the color of the mobile safe, an aesthetic aspect often requested by our customers. Furthermore, every aesthetic detail of the mobile safes is meticulously taken care of, to guarantee all the quality that has always distinguished every safe sold on Windowo.

Sale of furniture safes: why choose Windowo?

Here are the main features that characterize our models:
  • Robustness and reliability: each furniture safe in our catalog is built with highly resistant materials, capable of resisting break-in attempts, guaranteeing peace of mind that your objects are protected;
  • Versatility: with different models available, from compact to larger dimensions, they adapt perfectly to any type of furniture, integrating discreetly into wardrobes and other furniture;
  • Advanced technology: choose between traditional mechanical or latest generation electronic locks, some equipped with innovative features such as integrated alarms, touch-screen keypads and security locking systems;
  • Ease of installation: our safes are designed to be easily installed with clear and precise instructions, providing everything needed for a safe and stable installation;
  • Convenience: purchasing on Windowo means taking advantage of advantageous prices and exclusive discounts, without compromising quality and reliability.

Mobile safe at low prices thanks to our offers

Visit our collection of mobile safes now and take advantage of exclusive Windowo offers. Whether you're looking for basic protection or an advanced security solution, you'll find the perfect balance of quality and convenience here.

Protect your most cherished possessions today with an elegant and safe solution: choose your new mobile safe and sleep soundly!

Furniture safes: we answer the most common questions

Here are frequently asked questions about furniture safes, with the relevant answers.

What is the difference between a wall safe and a furniture safe?
A wall safe is designed to be built into a wall, while a furniture safe is designed to be placed inside a piece of furniture, such as a wardrobe, and fixed to the furniture or the floor through special holes.

How can I fix a furniture safe to make it safe?
The safe should have pre-drilled holes for fixing. You should use sturdy screws or bolts to securely attach it to the floor or furniture frame, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Do furniture safes offer the same level of security as wall safes?
Furniture safes can offer a good level of security, especially if secured correctly. However, by nature, they can be less secure than wall safes which are recessed and therefore more difficult to remove.

Is it safe to store valuables in a mobile safe?
Yes, it is safe if the safe is high quality and properly installed. It is important to choose a safe with the appropriate security certifications for the assets you intend to protect.

What size furniture safe should I choose?
The size will depend on the volume and type of items you plan to store inside. Be sure to measure the available space in your furniture and consider the weight of the safe, especially if the furniture is not very sturdy.

Can I easily transport a furniture safe if I move?
Yes, one of the conveniences of furniture safes is that they can be dismantled and transported more easily than wall safes.

Safes for Furnishings



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