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Neutral silicones at the best prices on special offer

Neutral silicones: discover our range of neutral cross-linking silicone sealants, sold online at competitive prices. Fill and seal safely. Discover the best neutral silicone sealants in the Windowo shop.

Neutral silicones online sale prices

Professional neutral silicones to fill and seal cracks, joints, crevices, cavities on any type of material (even non-porous). universal neutral silicone , designed for sealing and gluing more delicate surfaces such as wood, PVC, polycarbonate, windows and mirrors.

Features neutral silicone

Neutral cross-linking sealants , more simply called neutral silicones or neutral sealants , have excellent adhesion to porous surfaces. When the material has expired it remains pasty but once extruded it no longer crosslinks and remains constantly sticky.

Neutral silicone merits: great versatility

As we have already seen, neutral silicones bond and seal all surfaces including PVC and polycarbonates. This great versatility makes neutral silicone suitable for mixed surfaces: it can be used for practically any type of work around the house.

Neutral silicone defects

The first defect of neutral silicones is that they cost more on average than the others. They also have another major flaw: they cannot be painted over. This means that neutral silicone is not suitable for many jobs related above all to masonry works.



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