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Pleated Mosquito Nets for Doors

Pleated Side-Scrolling Mosquito Nets for Doors

Pleated side-scrolling mosquito nets for balconies and doors

On Windowo you can find the best models of pleated side-scrolling mosquito nets ideal for balconies, french doors and terraces. The mosquito nets on sale are side-scrolling as the net rewinding system operates by moving the handle bar from right to left and vice versa.

This type of mosquito net, if open, allows the crossing of people and animals. They are also models of lateral mosquito nets with a pleated or pleated net that works when packed: when the mosquito net is completely closed, it remains almost completely stretched; when it is opened, however, the mesh adapts to the pleated motif and folds like an accordion, until it disappears almost completely.

Discover the best models of side scrolling mosquito nets with pleated net

The horizontal pleated mosquito nets that you find on Windowo include many models able to satisfy any need . For the balconies and French windows there are many lateral variants: from the narrowest ones with very small thickness, to the reversible mosquito nets with sliding in several directions.

Pleated side mosquito nets for sale on Windowo online shop

With Windowo you can buy your new pleated mosquito nets in a few simple clicks. Do you have doubts about how to proceed? Please contact us.



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