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Home Burglar and Alarm Systems

Home burglar alarms and alarm systems at the best online prices

Which home burglar alarm system to choose? Here is our selection of the best alarm devices to defend against thieves. Choose the most suitable item and buy online at low prices on Windowo.

Home burglar alarms and alarm systems for sale online

Home burglar alarms: what are the best devices? In our shop you can find the best alarm systems for sale online to protect your home.

Your home should be a safe place and protected by an alarm system . Instead, we often think of a home burglar alarm only after the first theft, when it is too late.

We do not wish anyone to experience the sensation of returning to their home and finding it in disarray, with the furniture open and clothes scattered everywhere. This is why when it comes to home security and burglar-proof systems, nothing should be left to chance.

What is a home burglar alarm?

We can define a home burglar alarm as the electronic anti-intrusion system of a home. A quality burglar alarm protects goods and people, making you feel at ease, even at night while you are peacefully sleeping.

Do you live in an apartment, a studio flat, a house? Do you have a garage or a garden? In all these cases the best ally to protect your family is the home alarm.

We divide home burglar alarms into various different categories, the main division is between: wired burglar alarms (called wired or wired) and wireless burglar alarms with a wireless connection.

When you are choosing a home alarm system, we recommend that you check the certifications issued by third-party bodies and the manufacturer of the home alarm system. Usually the more famous and universally recognized the brand is, the more you can rest assured about the quality of the product.

Home burglar alarm systems: discover prices and advantages

Protection and safety first and foremost.

Passive home protection refers to all devices that slow down and make break-ins more difficult. For example, anti-intrusion bars are an excellent deterrent against intruders. Anti-theft bollards to be placed along downspouts can also achieve the aim of keeping thieves away.

However, effective home security should be enhanced by the presence of active protection capable of signaling and detecting (even remotely) intrusion attempts.

This occurs through the installation of a valid and effective home anti-theft system (video surveillance and alarm), which evaluates the weak and vulnerable points of the building.

If you want to defend your home in the best possible way we recommend purchasing an effective home anti-theft system, also called an alarm system.

Home alarms online prices and best offers

Home burglar alarm prices: many people give up because they think it costs too much. However, if we take into account the protection of the people we care about and the economic loss resulting from a theft, things change.

Here you can find many professional products for home alarms at advantageous prices. In fact, in the Windowo online store there are various alarm systems for sale to protect us from thieves.

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What are the types of burglar alarms?

We can divide burglar alarm systems into four types:
  1. wired alarm: consisting of a network of electrical cables to be embedded in the wall, which connects the various components (external, internal cameras, etc.). Recommended in buildings under construction or renovation;
  2. wireless or radio alarm: no cables are needed, the components communicate thanks to waves. Energy is provided by long-lasting batteries. Installation times are short and overall costs are lower.
  3. mixed systems: burglar alarms created both via cable (usually the alarm control unit and sirens) and via radio (other elements);
  4. integrated systems: some home burglar alarms provide a combination of active and passive protection measures.

We can make another distinction between the various alarm systems:
  • perimeter systems: professional burglar alarms positioned along external walls and external areas such as gardens and terraces;
  • volumetric systems: with sensors inside the houses capable of perceiving movements and temperature variations.

What are the elements of an anti-theft system?

An anti-theft system is made up of three main elements:
  • Alarm control unit, including power supply and battery;
  • Detectors, which sense intrusions;
  • Alarm devices (for example sirens and telephone dialers).

Let's see one by one the various elements that make up a home burglar alarm.

Alarm centre
The control panel of an alarm system is the unit where the signals from the detectors arrive and where the alarm devices are activated. It is a metal cabinet, which contains the electronic part and the spare battery. Often there is also a keyboard.

These are the elements that detect the presence of intruders. Some detect movement, heat or unauthorized opening.

Alarm devices
The most common signaling technique is to emit loud sounds via sirens. We also recommend the use of a telephone dialer capable of sending alarm messages.

What is the best home burglar alarm?

Every home has strengths and weaknesses: the person who knows them all is the owner of the house. This is why you are the one who should decide the best burglar alarm for your home.

Experts can advise you on the evaluation, but in our opinion the final say must belong to the owner of the property.

Home burglar alarms: the owner has the final say

Let's see together what factors you will need to evaluate.

When looking for the best home burglar alarm you should consider the level of security you want to achieve and whether the spaces to be protected are internal or external.

We recommend wireless home alarm models to avoid tedious installations. So you can also assemble them yourself.

Home burglar alarms: which one to choose? 5 things to pay attention to

There are different types of home burglar alarms and they can also be very different from each other.

Naturally, the best home alarm will be able to completely defend a home , including external areas and access points.

We advise you to keep an eye on 5 points that are truly fundamental:
  1. The type of house (apartment, more or less independent house, villa);
  2. The square footage of the home;
  3. The number of entry points;
  4. Special areas such as garages, gardens and terraces;
  5. The neighborhood where the residence is located.

To these elements we can add the quality/price ratio: not just price because choosing only the lowest cost can prove risky.

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How much does it cost to install a burglar alarm in your home?

The price of a home burglar alarm changes between different situations.

The home burglar alarm system will probably cost around 700 euros, up to a maximum of 3000 euros for a very complex home burglar alarm, made up of multiple external and internal sensors, cameras and control unit.

Save on the cost of a home burglar alarm

Home alarm systems at the best prices? On Windowo you will find only the most convenient burglar alarms for your home.

As we have already said, the price of a home anti-theft system can vary because the security needs are also different. Designing a wireless burglar alarm is simple and you can do it yourself, saving on the costs of technicians and consultants.

With our DIY anti-theft kits, you will be able to purchase and install DIY home alarms quickly without neglecting safety and quality.

Anti-theft: tax deductions and 50% renovation bonus

The installation of an anti-theft system is part of the ordinary maintenance interventions (art.6 Consolidated Law on Construction). These are all those operations that can be carried out without a license and do not require a permit.

Furthermore, home alarm systems are among the works subject to a 50% tax deduction for renovations.

Expenses incurred for the purchase of:
  • video surveillance and burglar alarm systems;
  • shatterproof glass;
  • armored doors;
  • motorized and mechanical roller shutters;
  • gates and wall protections.

According to the tax agency, the tax break is also valid for do-it-yourself installation . You must make the payment by bank transfer and deliver the supplier's invoice to the accountant or CAF.

If you are interested in this topic, I recommend our guides dedicated to the various window bonuses.

Home alarms: are there do-it-yourself solutions?

With Windowo you can purchase DIY anti-theft kits online containing everything you need. You don't have to be a specialized technician to install them, all you need is a little manual skill.

A wireless home alarm kit is easy to install, even if we are talking about an external or internal perimeter burglar alarm.

Are you interested in an anti-theft alarm ? Within this category you can find various products related to home alarms:

What are the best brands of home alarms?

The manufacturers of anti-theft systems are different from each other both in terms of price and the quality of the product they offer. In our opinion, there is no absolute best home burglar alarm, but there is the burglar alarm that best suits your needs and the structure of your home.

On Windowo you can find Somfy products for sale online at discounted prices. This is a renowned brand that we recommend for the reliability and professionalism of the solutions it offers.

For example, the Somfy Protect Home Alarm home anti-theft system is able to create a security zone around the building thanks to its opening sensors.

Home burglar alarm prices on special offer on Windowo

With Windowo you can find the right alarm system at the best value for money. Just search for the product with the most suitable features and you will see that it will be discounted compared to its normal cost in the store.

This way you can have the best home alarm systems on special offers and without giving up maximum reliability.



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