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Electric window motors at the best prices

The window motors that you can find on Windowo are selected from the leading articles of the most well-known companies in the automation sector at an international level.

Motors for bottom-hung windows - Online shop

Are you looking for motors for vasistas windows and other types of door and window motors ? We offer you a wide range of products for the automatic handling of windows.

You will be able to move your doors and windows through opening and closing systems , or with control and safety equipment and devices.

The window motors that you can find on Windowo are selected among the leading articles of the most well-known companies in the automation sector at an international level.

Do you want electric windows ? We put our knowledge and experience in the vast world of opening at your disposal. Thanks to this wide range of items it is possible to transform a simple frame into a motorized window .

We can best meet the different needs encountered in everyday life by the end user and those of the professional craftsman when creating the product or during the assembly and installation phases.

The motors for windows are divided by type (chain, rod and rack) together with accessories such as control units, remote controls, detectors and sensors.

You can also purchase products related to other types of motorized window movement (for example motorization of vasistas windows , manual opening, motors for shutters, motors for rolling shutters or motors for sliding doors).

We also recommend you visit the category on access control and the space dedicated to home automation products, where you can find the best on the market in terms of technology.

Here are the motors for vasistas, protruding windows, etc. which you can find within this category:
  • Chain Actuators : open and close bottom hinged windows by moving the chain;
  • Rod actuators : the ideal motors for automating skylights and roof windows;
  • Rack Actuators : wide choice of linear electric actuators with rack and pinion drive.

Transom window motorization and much more

Electric actuators , called window motors daily, are very useful for the automatic opening and closing of windows in the spaces where we live.

Opening windows can be done in several ways. In fact, there are many types of window opening : such as sash opening, tilt and turn opening (called vasistas ), projecting, pivoting ... and there are many other types.

Normally the most common motorized windows are electric vasistas windows . Are you looking for a transom window motorization ? Windowo offers you a wide choice of motors for vasistas, protruding windows and many other opening systems for windows.

Not just automatic windows : in this category you can find many solutions to motorize sliding doors, shutters, shutters and many other types of frames.

Window motors Topp, Nekos, Mingardi and many others

What are the best brands of window motor manufacturers ? On Windowo you will find actuators made by Italian and famous companies in the automation sector for sale. These manufacturers are recognized professionals, experts who have been working for years to improve the technical characteristics of their models.

This is why we have chosen them: we are sure to offer you reliable solutions that will make you satisfied over time. Another important advantage in choosing a quality and recognized manufacturer of window motors is that of not having trouble finding, if necessary, the individual pieces and components. So not only because they last longer, but also for the possibility of easily finding spare parts.

Among the best brands of window motors in this category you can find:

How much weight can window motors move?

The assessment of how much weight the motors for doors and windows can move in a certain building context is up to the technician who installs the automation.

The installer of electric motors for windows will take care of mathematically calculating the weight of the window by transforming it into a unit of measurement called Newton (N) , the main unit of measurement of force in the International System. 1 Newton is defined as the ratio of the product of 1 kilogram per 1 meter to 1 second squared.

Each chain motor is designed to move a weight expressed in Newton. To put it simply, the more Newtons there are, the more weight they can move.

Motorized electric windows: pay attention to the voltage!

The window motor models that we sell on Windowo are usually available in different voltage formats.

When you buy a chain motor you will choose whether to buy an actuator with home voltage (230V) or with industrial voltage (24V direct current) . Then there are other countries, such as in America, where the domestic voltage changes (110v).

Warning: if you get the voltage wrong, you risk burning the engine immediately. Especially if you plug a 24V actuator into the house plug. For any doubts you can contact us.

Would you like to know more about electric windows? Read our buying guide for window motors.

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