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Adjustable Roller Shutters

Adjustable Roller Shutters

Customized adjustable shutters at the best prices online

Adjustable roller shutters are a practical and safe solution that offers the best of both worlds: they combine the practicality of roller shutters and the safety of shutters.

Custom adjustable roller shutters at the best online prices

Blind shutters or roller shutters? Thanks to the adjustable roller shutters you will no longer have to find a compromise between practicality, safety and aesthetics.

Adjustable roller shutters: an advantageous solution

Both shutters and roller shutters are practical solutions that have several obvious advantages. The adjustable slat system allows you to have the functionality of a roller shutter and a shutter in a single product.

This is because roller shutters with adjustable slats guarantee all the benefits of traditional roller shutters together with the strengths of the shutters.

What is an adjustable roller shutter?

The adjustable roller shutter is a roller shutter with the interesting main ability to be able to orient itself like a shutter. The roller shutter with adjustable louvers is a shading system designed for external windows.

The slats of the adjustable shutters in summer protect from the sun's rays , while in winter they guarantee the maximum possible lighting. At any time of the day you can choose whether to ventilate, let part of the light penetrate or illuminate completely.

The particular structure therefore guarantees privacy and security at the same time. All this obviously translates into a great advantage also from the point of view of energy saving.

Buy your new adjustable roller shutter on Windowo

The adjustable shutters that you find for sale online on Windowo are made to measure in Italy with certified Italian materials.

With Windowo it is really simple to immediately get a quote for adjustable shutters. Each adjustable roller shutter can be ordered in different sizes (base and height) and colors. Just enter what you want and you can immediately discover our advantageous offer.

Adjustable Roller Shutters



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