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Wheels for sliding gates online store

Are you looking for reliable wheels for sliding gates? On Windowo, you will find a selection of the best models, designed to guarantee fluidity and durability in the movement of your gate. Buy your sliding gate wheel online and take advantage of our offers to get the best prices.

Wheels for sliding gates: discover the best ones for sale online

Wheels for sliding gates are essential accessories for gates.

In fact, to function correctly, automatic gates need sturdy wheels that always follow correctly. Therefore, classic rubber wheels will not be suitable.

On Windowo you can find your new wheel for sliding gates for sale online with a special offer price.

Which gate wheel is the most suitable for your gate?

Have you ever wondered what kind of wheel is best for your gate? You're not the only one.

Gates come in a variety of styles (single swing, dual drive, slide and cantilever) and require different hardware to swing or slide. For each style of gate, there is one or two wheels that fit best - it's just a matter of knowing which one is right for yours.

Before we begin, there is one important thing you should note. If the posts you hung your swing gates on are heavy enough to support the weight of the gates by themselves, you can avoid using ground wheels. If, however, your posts are not strong enough, the gates will need wheels to be properly supported.

Gates with a single opening panel and those with two opening panels use swivel or outboard gate wheels.

Swing gate wheels rotate 360 degrees as they roll and attach to the bottom of the gate frame with a U-bolt. Outboard gate wheels are single wheels bolted into place with a bracket on either side of the holder and capable to roll only in one direction. These, too, also attach to the lower gate frame with a U-bolt.

Sliding gates require different sets of wheels for both the ground and the rails. If the gate rolls on uneven ground, such as dirt or gravel, you have two options:
  1. A single rubber wheel inserted in a support that is welded to the lower part of the gate frame;
  2. A double ground wheel holder with two rubber wheels bolted to both ends of a steel axle.

If your gate runs on even concrete ground, choose to use a V-groove gate wheel.

How many wheels does a sliding gate have?

Two wheels are sufficient for gates up to approximately 6 meters long. The closest support post will have a series of attached guide rollers that hold the gate upright, allowing it to slide freely back and forth.

We also point out that sliding gates should not be installed on slopes as they require more force to push uphill and greater braking force to prevent them from accelerating downhill.

Wheels for Sliding Gates



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