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Motors for Rolling Shutters

Motors for Motorized Electric Shutters

Motors for rolling shutters for sale online

Motors for rolling shutters are the best solution for automatically opening and closing roller shutters. Sale of motors for motorized electric shutters: automate your home thanks to our models of motors for electric shutters. With the tubular motors that you can buy on Windowo your daily routine will be much easier.

Motors for motorized electric shutters at best prices

Motors for electric shutters are a fundamental tool for automating the opening and closing of shutters. Having good electric shutter motors makes everyday life at home easier.

Shutter motorization: finding the best electric motors for roller shutters is not as simple as it may seem. Discover the best tubular motors for roller shutters.

Thanks to these motors for roller shutters you can transform your traditional shutters into electric shutters.

How to choose the motor for electric shutters?

Roller shutter motor: which roller shutter motors are the best? It depends, in fact there are several motors for rolling shutters on the market. The most correct way to understand which electric roller shutter motors to buy is to start by asking yourself the right questions.

How many kg can a roller shutter operator lift? You can see that the motors for rolling shutters that we offer you on Windowo have indicated a number such as 30 or 50 and written next to it "nm".

The abbreviation "nm" means the force of the motor expressed in Newton per meter: the higher this figure, the more power the motor will have. The important thing therefore is to know how heavy the roller shutter is.

In which type of roller can a roller shutter motor be installed? Not all roller blinds are the same. Indeed, each roller shutter in the same house could have a different diameter. For this you will have to pay attention to the measures of the roller.

Manufacturers of roller shutter motors: we particularly recommend the Somfy brand roller shutter motors, a famous company that has been present in Italy for decades and synonymous with quality solutions for automation and smart home.

Somfy roller shutter motors: if you want to see an example of Somfy electric roller shutter motor, you can look at this product sheet: Somfy MR 200 kit roller shutter motor.

How to install electric shutter motors?

We explain how to mount the motor in your roller shutter in 3 simple steps.

1 - Remove the old roller: first remove the box and see what's inside. You should see the shaft, which is the top tube usually made of iron, and the two bearings located at either end. To disassemble the shaft you will need to pry off a bearing until it comes off. Now take your new engine and attach the hoods and the plug.

2 - Measure and cut the new roll: take the roll measurement. Just use the bracket (with its coupling) and insert it into the clamp you see coming out of the wall. Then use the measuring tape, place it on the bearing on the far left and slide it to the clamp (the point where the motor will rest). For example, if the final measurement will be 89cm, you will have to cut the roller 88cm (this is because one centimeter corresponds to the cap).

3 - Mount the motor: insert the cap in the part where the roller was cut and put the roller shutter motor in the other. Now put the roller in the two supports on the wall. At this point the motor is ready to be connected.

Shutter motors online prices: discounts and offers

Are you looking for a motor for rolling shutters at an advantageous price? Find a wide selection of roller shutter motors at affordable prices on Windowo.

Observe the technical characteristics described in the detailed product sheets and choose the motor model for roller shutter that best suits your specific needs.

In the roller shutter motors category we have revealed all the secrets to buy the best roller shutter automation for your home. What are you waiting for now? You can find the best roller shutter motors on offer in the Windowo online store.

If you still have doubts about roller shutter automation you can read our guide to buy roller shutters online.

Our staff is at your disposal to help you in choosing your new motor for roller shutters.

Motors for Rolling Shutters



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