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Electrical plates and switches - Online shop

Electrical plates and switches, buttons for domestic electrical systems for sale online. In this category you can find electrical plates for switches, supports and inserts from the best brands. View the online catalogs for the sale of light plates, plates and related items.

Electrical plates for switches for sale online

Electrical plates for traditional controls; modern finishes and colors in line with design tastes and your style.

With Windowo products, the home's electrical systems are enhanced, transforming themselves into furnishing accessories . Ours are solutions with a modern design, in the right balance between the choice of shapes, the selection of materials and the careful attention to detail. A mosaic of technology, elegance and performance, capable of satisfying every taste and need.

Discover advantageous electrical plate prices and unmissable offers on electrical material from Windowo.

Electrical Plates and Switches - Your choice for style and functionality

Welcome to our vast selection of electrical plates and switches for the civil series electrical system.

When it comes to putting the finishing touches on your electrical system, the choice of plates and switches is crucial. In this category, you can find a complete range of options from the best brands, which adapt to every style and need.

Why choose one of our electric plates?

  • Reliable Quality : We offer high-quality products that ensure your electrical system functions properly for years to come;
  • Style and design : We know how important aesthetics are, which is why we offer a wide range of designs, colors and finishes to perfectly match your decor;
  • Functionality : in addition to the external appearance, our products are designed for maximum functionality and convenience of use;
  • Trusted brands : at Windowo we work with the best brands in the industry to guarantee you the highest quality and reliability.

Explore our online catalogue

In our online store, you can browse the catalogs and discover a vast selection of electrical switch plates, supports and inserts, all just a click away. Whether you are looking for a traditional light plate or more innovative solutions, you will find what you need to meet your design and functionality needs.

Choose from a variety of options and customize your electrical system to suit your style and preferences. Our range of products are here to help you create an environment that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Common questions about faceplates and switches

What types of plates and switches are available in your online store?
We offer a wide range of plates and switches for civil series electrical systems, including light plates, plates and related items.

Which brands of electrical plates and switches do you offer in your online shop?
We collaborate with the best brands in the industry to guarantee quality and reliability. For example, the Vimar brand offers its famous Vimar Plana series online on Windowo.

How can I select the design and color of the faceplates and switches?
In our online store, you can browse the catalogs and choose from a wide range of designs, colors and finishes to best match your decor.

What are the advantages of buying plates and switches online?
Shopping online offers the convenience of exploring a wide selection of products, comparing available options, and having supplies delivered right to your door.

Can I find electrical plates and switches for residential and commercial use?
Yes, we offer solutions suitable for both residential and commercial environments.



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