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Professional silicone guns at the best prices

Professional silicone guns for sale online. Find your new silicone gun in just a few clicks at low prices thanks to our unmissable offers. Find out the cost of the best sealant gun models in the Windowo store.

Professional silicone guns for sale online

Are you looking for professional silicone guns ? These tools for applying glue and silicone to be extruded, also called extruder guns , are essential for obtaining a seal on sanitary ware or gluing covers. With Windowo you can find the best professional silicone guns at discounted prices.

What is a silicone gun?

A silicone gun is that accessory normally used by technicians specialized in the installation of plumbing systems, doors and windows; It is mainly used professionally but is also used by DIY lovers in small home renovations.

Why choose a professional silicone gun?

The silicone gun is a standard tool because it is made to be compatible with most of the cartridges on the market, which almost all have a diameter of 50 mm.

The differences between a low-cost and a branded pistol are in the choice of materials used in their construction and in the attention paid to the assembly process. In addition, the designed models avoid dripping and therefore waste of material. They also generate a greater thrust force, very useful for working even with dense substances.

Manual silicone gun: strengths and weaknesses

The manual silicone gun is autonomous and manually operated: it will never abandon you during the application of the sealing bead. In fact it is considered more reliable than an electric extruder gun. Low cost and sturdiness are two further advantages of the manual extruder gun.

Some skill is required during application to make a uniform bead. Furthermore, the quantity of silicone that comes out depends on the pressure applied by the user. For this you will have to dose well the amount of product to use!

Silicone gun price on offer on Windowo

With Windowo you can find your new professional silicone gun at a really advantageous price. Don't settle - get the best at factory cost.



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