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Adhesive glass films to apply to your windows

Discover our wide range of adhesive glass films for windows: solid, degressive, patterned, opaque, coloured, static and decorative friezes for your windows. Reflectiv window films allow for quick and easy installation.

Glass films for sale online at the best prices

The adhesive window films we offer on Windowo are designed to offer not only privacy and decoration , but also additional functionality.

In addition to solid, degressive, patterned, opaque and colored varieties, we also offer options that can help reduce energy costs. Our sun reflective films, for example, block harmful UV rays and reduce heat, making your home or office more comfortable and reducing the need for air conditioning.

Plus, for those who want a touch of elegance, we have decorative friezes that can transform a simple window into an artistic focal point of the room. If security is a concern, our security films are designed to strengthen the glass, making it more resistant to impacts and break-in attempts.

Window films: a range of degressive decorations

Our degressive films offer the possibility to choose the area to be darkened, guaranteeing privacy and a decorative touch. They are ideal for those looking for a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Window film with solid, opaque polypropylene

Full frosted films are perfect for partially or completely darkening windows. They maintain privacy while letting light pass through. Opaque films, on the other hand, completely block views and light, offering maximum privacy.

Adhesive window film with decorative patterns

We offer over 100 decorative patterns: geometric, nature-inspired, linear, to suit all interior decoration projects and styles.

Adhesive glass film in a range of vibrant colours

Our color range includes 16 different shades and rainbow effect films, ideal for those who want to add a pop of color while maintaining transparency and brightness.

Static window films that are easy to apply

Our static films are easy to apply, repositionable and reusable. Perfect for those looking for a practical and non-permanent solution.

Glass film with decorative friezes for a modern look

Our decorative friezes are available in different styles, including motifs inspired by famous cities such as Paris, London, New York. They add a touch of elegance and originality to any environment.

Striped window films for both privacy and design

Our grooved films create a raised glass effect, offering varying levels of privacy depending on the model you choose. They are ideal for those looking for both functionality and style.

Buy your window film quickly and easily

Purchasing on our site is easy: on Windowo you will find each product accompanied by a detailed description and clear instructions for a do-it-yourself application. We also offer a variety of sizes, ensuring you can find the perfect fit for every type of window.

Choose Windowo for your adhesive window films: it combines style, functionality and quality, all just a click away!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about window films

We know that choosing the right glass film for your needs can seem complicated, but we're here to help! Whether you're looking for a solution for privacy, to decorate your home or office, or simply to add a pop of color, we have all the information you need.

In this section, we have collected the most common questions from our customers regarding the wide range of window films we offer. You will find details on various types of films, advice on how to choose and apply the right product for your needs, and much more.

What are degressive films and how do they work?
Degressive films are window films that allow you to choose specific areas to darken. This allows you to maintain privacy in certain areas of the window, while leaving other parts visible. They are ideal for those who want privacy without sacrificing aesthetics.

Can I use solid frosted films to completely darken a window?
Yes, solid frosted window films are designed to partially or completely darken windows, providing privacy and letting light through.

How many types of decorative patterns do you offer?
We offer a wide range of over 100 decorative patterns, including geometric, natural and linear designs, to suit any interior decorating project.

Do colored films reduce the brightness of a room?
No, our color films are designed to add a pop of color while maintaining transparency and brightness. They are perfect for those who want to beautify their windows without compromising natural brightness.

How are static films applied?
Static films can be applied easily without the use of glue. They are repositionable and reusable, making installation and removal quick and easy.

What makes your decorative friezes unique?
Our decorative friezes are unique for their designs inspired by famous destinations such as Paris, London and New York. They offer a modern and original finish, transforming windows into elements of art.

Are grooved films suitable for environments requiring privacy?
Yes, our grooved films provide variable privacy depending on the model you choose. They offer a balance of privacy and style, with a raised glass effect that is both functional and decorative.



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