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Design Door Handles

Design Door Handles

Our collection of design handles - 100% Made in Italy

We cannot say with mathematical certainty that they are the best design door handles ever. They are certainly our favorite out of the more than 2000 models we sell.

The best design door handles selected by Windowo

On this page you will find a collection of the best design door handles selected on the basis of different characteristics: modernity, style, design, shape. We cannot say that they are the best handles ever. Instead, we can certainly say that they are the best we have in our Ecommerce. The selected brands are all Italian and include: Colombo Design, Frosio Bortolo, Fusital, Linea Calì, Mandelli, Manital, Mariani, pba, Reguitti, PFS Pasini, Valli.

Why are these the best design door handles?

All items are connected by a strong identity and by the goal of good design for the home and furnishings in general. The selected handles are made by Italian brands that have relied on teams of internal designers and also famous designers. We can mention, among others, important firms such as the designers Zaha Hadid and Michele De Lucchi. The selection also includes a good number of handles that have won design awards, such as:

How much do design handles cost?

Design has an economic cost, the value is linked to the emotion of living the object, or simply to the aesthetic well-being of the home. The value is often given also by the designer's signature. It is not said, however, that all design handles cost a lot. The price ranges from € 20 to around € 230. So it is not true that you have to pay a lot to have a good furniture: just know how to choose well! This list helps you choose a design handle, even if you know how to start this wonderful journey.

How many types of design handles are there?

Here we have chosen to insert only the handles with rosette, but all the design handles you can see are available in different types, variants and colors. To show as many products as possible, in fact, we decided to insert only one handle per model. What do we recommend you do? If you like a product, click on it and you will be able to see other types such as the round or square rosette version, the variant with door plate, the window hadles and finally all the finishes available for the individual handles. In short, there is really something for all styles of furniture.

Design Door Handles



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