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Electromagnetic locks for fire doors - Online shop

Sale of holding electromagnetic locks for fire doors: discover the best certified magnets to mount on fire doors in the Windowo online store.

Electromagnets for fire doors prices and offers

Are you looking for electromagnetic locks for fire doors? Discover the best electric magnets for fire doors at discounted prices on Windowo.

Welcome to our category dedicated to electromagnets for fire doors and electromagnetic stops. Safety is paramount in the event of a fire, and these devices are designed to ensure the highest level of protection.

Whether you have fire doors in your home or a commercial building, our certified electromagnets and electromagnetic catches are here to protect you.

Electromagnetic stops ideal for REI fire doors

You will find on sale a vast selection of certified magnets designed and built to be mounted on fire doors .

The main advantages in choosing our fire door magnets are:
  • Maximum fire safety: our fire door electromagnets are designed to ensure that doors close quickly and in a controlled manner in the event of a fire, preventing the spread of fire and smoke;
  • Certification: our magnets are certified and comply with fire safety standards. You can count on these door magnets to protect life and property in emergency situations;
  • Ease of use: electromagnets and electromagnetic latches are designed to be easy to install and use. They offer complete and reliable control over your doors;
  • Wide selection: on Windowo you will find a wide range of electromagnets and electromagnetic stops suitable for different needs and applications. We are here to help you protect your home or building.

Door magnet for maximum safety in case of fire

Discover the electromagnet solutions for fire doors and electromagnetic stops in our online shop and invest in maximum fire safety. The peace of mind of knowing you are well prepared in the event of an emergency is priceless.

What are electromagnets for fire doors?
Fire door electromagnets are devices used to ensure the controlled and safe closing of doors in the event of fire or emergency.

Why are fire door electromagnets important?
Fire door electromagnets prevent the spread of fire and smoke, ensuring the safety of people and the protection of property.

What are the advantages of using electromagnets for fire doors?
Certified electromagnets comply with fire safety standards and are designed to operate in emergency situations, offering maximum reliability.

In what situations is it necessary to use electromagnets for fire doors?
Fire door electromagnets are essential in buildings with fire doors and in environments where maximum fire safety is required.

What types of doors can be used with fire door electromagnets?
Electromagnets are suitable for fire doors and other doors where safe and controlled closing is required.

What regulations should be considered?
The installation and use of fire door electromagnets must comply with local regulations and fire safety laws.



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