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Adhesives: products for professional adhesion

Adhesives are chemicals found in various objects that we come into contact with every day, such as cars, books, furniture, cell phones, computers, packaging, textiles, medical products, food containers or aircraft.

Adhesives are almost always commercially coupled with sealants: the former are substances that allow materials to be held together by adhesion , the latter have the function of filling the interstices, but must also have a certain adhesive capacity to adhere to the material on which they are placed, even if they do not always have the ability to create a real bond.

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Professional adhesives: what are they?

The technological goal of a professional adhesive is to achieve an adhesion between two surfaces with the help of a polymer film. Adhesives are formulated where there is always a natural or synthetic polymer that performs the function of adhesion.

There are about 250,000 adhesives and sealants available on the market, most of them have different performances and about 80% are used by industry or specialists.

The properties of adhesives

What characterizes adhesives in the panorama of industrial chemicals? First of all they are formulations where a polymer is always present , which performs the main function of achieving adhesion or sealing empty spaces, but there are several other ingredients, and these characterize and differentiate most of the time the individual commercial products.

There are several classifications of adhesives used commercially. The final properties of an adhesive are obtained through mechanical, atmospheric, chemical and thermal resistance tests, as if they were real materials rather than chemical products.

Polymers, natural or synthetic or monomers and oligomers are the main ingredients of an adhesive, but there are several others that serve to improve both the adhesion properties and the stability of the adhesive.



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