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Automatic gates: the best items for electric gates

Welcome to our category dedicated to automatic gates. If you want convenient and safe access to your property, there's nothing better than electric gate products. Automatic gate prices: discover Windowo's unmissable offers. With our wide range of available solutions, you will be able to find the perfect item for your needs.

Automatic gates for sale online: prices and offers

Are you looking for motors for automatic gates ? Then we advise you to keep an eye on three fundamental aspects: ease of use, quality and safety .

An automatic gate is very convenient: the motor is activated with a click and the leaf of your gate opens to allow entry and exit from a property. This way you will avoid getting out of the car in rain, wind or snow.

A motor for automatic gates can be installed both underground and outside, near the leaf or leaves of the gate depending on the type. The system provides for the presence of photocells for gates to detect the presence of any obstacles, and flashing lights for gates when it is in motion.

The products for motorized gates that you find for sale online on Windowo are designed by experts in the sector. We are able to offer you the most reliable and versatile choice for every need in the gate automation sector.

What are the best motors for automated gates?

  • Motors for sliding gates: the sliding gate is the perfect solution to optimize space, where there is not enough space for opening swing doors. It has a track on which a single large door moves;
  • Motors for swing gates: a swing gate has always been an element capable of adding value to the charm of the house. It has one or two doors that open towards the inside or outside of the house.

You will also need to evaluate these three aspects:
  1. The space at your disposal: an automatic sliding gate takes up less space but requires lateral space, unlike an automatic swing gate;
  2. The transit space: where there is the passage of large vehicles, the best solution is a sliding gate compared to the swing gate which is more suitable for private homes or residential complexes;
  3. Frequency of use: how many times is the automated gate operated during the day? If it is opened and closed frequently it will need a motor with power and resistance and greater.

Kits and motors for automatic gates

With Windowo, security is always on the move. Discover a wide selection of kits for automatic gates on special offer.

How much does an automatic gate cost?

Automating a gate costs from € 300 to € 500 for gates up to 500 kg and from € 800 to € 1200 for heavy and larger gates.

Remember that to the price of the gate motor you will have to add the accessories for gate motors and the cost of the installation and procedures required by law to comply with the law.

Automatic Gates



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