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Accessories for Hoods

Accessories for Hoods - for Kitchen and Industrial

Accessories for hoods - Online shop

High quality hood accessories such as filters, lighting, ventilation and linings. Choose from a wide range of options and affordable prices on Windowo.

Accessories for Hoods - for Kitchens and Industrial

Hood accessories are important because they help keep stainless steel hoods in good condition and ensure a healthier and cleaner kitchen.

Hood accessories are available for sale online on Windowo in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles, meaning you can choose the product that best suits your needs and aesthetic preferences.

The most useful accessories are certainly those essential for hanging and filtering:
  • Attachment flanges: a useful joint to convert the hood expulsion mouth, usually rectangular, into a circular mouth;
  • Hanging kit: a kit of chains, hooks and tensioners for hanging the hood on the wall or ceiling. (2 are needed for island hoods);
  • Speed regulators: a panel to regulate the directly coupled motors located on the hood;
  • Filters: spare parts for various types of filters for extractor hoods, including labyrinth, mesh, active carbon or acrylic filters;
  • Activated carbon: bags of activated carbon to carry out manual replacement independently.

We remind you that the kitchen cooker hoods you find on Windowo are complete with filters, but require a hanging kit for fixing to the wall or ceiling, and an attachment flange for reducing the exit hole to a circular section.

What are the best hood accessories?

One of the most important accessories for hoods is the hood filter.

Hood filters help capture and retain cooking fumes and odors, ensuring a fresher, cleaner kitchen environment. Furthermore, it is important to choose quality filters, as this will ensure effective odor elimination and greater durability. You can buy high-quality filters online at affordable prices.

Other important hood accessory options include lighting, ventilation and siding.

Hood lamps help illuminate the kitchen while cooking, while ventilation helps maintain a fresh, clean environment. On the other hand, coatings help protect the hood from damage and keep it in good condition.

Furthermore, you can also purchase range hood channels online at affordable prices.

Conclusions on hood accessories

In conclusion, hood accessories are an important addition to the modern kitchen, as they help keep the hood in good condition and ensure a fresher and cleaner kitchen environment.

With the wide range of options available for sale online on Windowo, you can choose the accessories that best suit your needs.

hood accessories - for kitchen and industrial



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