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A window on autism

The project is our commitment

We want to spread autism culture. We do it on, the site that we dedicate to this important goal.

The concepts of the autism spectrum and neurodiversity are complex to accept and understand. Adding to the confusion is the current scarcity of online content on these issues.

We will try to open a window on this mysterious world. If you are curious, we invite you to follow us in this adventure.

A window on autism

Why do we want to talk about autism?

I am Elia Caneppele, the founder of Windowo. I work to the best of my ability to meet the needs of the people I care about most.

Windowo's story is my family's story, and I am the father of an autistic child.

Creating content online is what I do best. I want to do it to help this cause that touches me closely.

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