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Portholes in Rubber and Metal

Rubber and metal portholes - Online shop

Rubber and metal portholes produced in Italy with high quality materials. Easy and safe to install thanks to the pre-mounted rubbers and plates. Buy online and take advantage of guaranteed savings with Windowo.

Portholes in rubber and metal for sale online

Are you looking for a porthole for your windows? In the Windowo shop you will find a wide range of rubber and metal portholes for sale online, designed and produced in Italy.

The multiple configurations are designed for various categories of designers and builders.
The prices of our portholes are really advantageous: choose the model of portholes you want and immediately discover the offers to buy it.

What is a porthole?

A porthole is composed of a small circular hole, which acts as an opening on a surface and filled with a glass plate supported by a frame.

It is used when it is necessary to be able to observe the outside, exposing oneself as little as possible. This detail differentiates it from normal windows.

Where does the term porthole come from?

The Italian word oblò derives from the French word "hublot ". This French word probably derives in turn from the Franconian word "huve", which in Italian means cap or cap.

Portholes produced in Italy with quality materials

Windowo is the online shop specializing in portholes for doors made of both rubber and metal.

All the materials used in the construction of our portholes are selected and certified.

Rubbers and sheets are delivered already assembled to allow easy and safe installation.




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