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PVC Roller Shutters Boxes Custom Measure and Insulated

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starting from £ 47,50
Prices excluding VAT
Boxes for roller shutters in pvc made to measure in Italy.
Right of withdrawal not applicable (art. 59 Consumer Code).

Boxes for roller shutters in pvc for online sale made to measure in Italy

Are you looking for the best PVC boxes ? Discover our boxes for roller shutters in pvc : an accessory designed to perfectly cover a shutter compartment.
How to receive a quote for PVC roller shutter boxes?
  1. Download the pvc bin quote form;
  2. Fill in the document indicating the measures you want;
  3. Send it by email to;
  4. Get our best offer!

Do you want to know more about our pvc box kit? Continue reading this sheet.

Our pvc roller shutter box kit consists of:
  • mes to promote thermo-acoustic insulation;
  • easily removable front pan
  • pvc box with heat-sealed frael thanks to a snap frame that facilitates maintenance operations.

The front inspection is snap-on (levering in the four corners and then removing the frame and the front tablet that make up the cover of the roller shutter box).

Features custom-made roller shutter boxes made of pvc

  • The box is manufactured with heat-sealed corners with snap closure and front inspection;
  • The lid guarantees excellent airtightness which ensures excellent results from a thermal and acoustic point of view (validated by certifications);
  • The completeness of the system ensures the possibility of obtaining all depths: from 50 mm to 300 mm ;
  • In each PVC box it is also possible to insert a ceiling / veil cut to size ;
  • Each box is supplied with its separate belt guide to be installed during the installation phase.

Boxes in custom-made PVC heat-sealed at the corners with front panel in expanded PVC.
PVC Roller Shutters Boxes Custom Measure and Insulated

Cassonetti per tapparelle avvolgibili in pvc in vendita online fatti su misura in Italia

You can ask us for a quote for 3 versions of pvc roller shutter box:
  1. Modular box with 75 mm depth;
  2. Extendable box with a depth of 150 mm;
  3. Extended box with a depth of 300 mm.

In addition, upon request, paying a supplement, it is possible to request the insulation of the PVC roller shutter boxes.

Quote form and measures for pvc boxes

  • If you ask us for a free quote, remember to specify which version of pvc boxes for roller shutters you want;
  • It also indicates whether you want the insulation of PVC roller shutter boxes;
  • If you want to insulate bins, we recommend that you look at the products of the PosaClima Renova system that you can find for sale online on Windowo.

misure cassonetti in pvc

1 - Box for rolling shutters in modular PVC with a depth of 75 mm

  • The modular box consists of the frame profile for a 10 mm panel and the box profile, obtaining a useful internal depth of 75 mm;
  • The 24 mm panel frame can also be used.

Cassonetto per tapparelle in pvc modulare con profondità 75 mm

2 - Extendable PVC shutter box with 150 mm depth

  • The extendable box is made up of the frame profile for a 10 mm panel and the box profile, obtaining a useful internal depth of 150 mm;
  • The 24 mm panel frame can also be used.

cassonetto pvc prolungabile

3 - PVC box for extended roller shutter with a depth of 300 mm

  • The extendable box can be extended by 33 mm with the 794 profile or up to 300 mm with the 793 profile itself, obtaining a single joint;
  • Both intermediate depths between 150 mm and 300 mm and higher are feasible.

cassonetto per-pvc prolungato

Opening of the box for PVC roller shutter

  • The closure of the box is snap-on, which guarantees a hermetic draft-proof closure;
  • The opening is carried out with a spatula or screwdriver by levering the four corners to detach the frame from the box profile. Once the frame has been lifted from the four corners, it can be removed while the panel will remain in equilibrium without difficulty, thanks to the conformation of the box profile;
  • The procedure is remembered on each box thanks to a small sticker placed near the passacintino.

Apertura del cassonetto per tapparella in pvc

Certifications of pvc roller shutter boxes

  • Depending on the needs, different thermal certifications can be obtained, with the necessary transmittance value;
  • For this purpose, the box is insulated to obtain the thermal value that the customer needs ;
  • Acoustic certification can also be provided;
  • The installation manual is available to the customer.

Ceiling system for retractable bins (on request)

Among our products we can also propose the ceiling , in case a retractable bin is provided. It is available with a 40 mm or 80 mm frame and supports a 10 mm panel.

Special processes are also possible on the boxes such as ceiling or wall boxes with frame-thickness which provides the space to allow opening, or corner boxes.

Sistema cielino per cassonetti a scomparsa

Boxes for insulated roller shutters (on request)

10 mm panel shutter box insulation : Usb certification supplement = 1.2 W / m2K.

The insulated box is made with a 10 mm panel frame (art.792) and 30 mm XPS insulation as shown in the diagram:


Available colors pvc roller shutter boxes

Standard colors for the PVC box are bulk white, bulk ivory, golden oak, walnut, veined white, cream and Douglas fir.

However, many other colors are available on request.
  • Mass white (similar to RAL 9010);
  • Mass white (similar to RAL 9003);
  • Mass ivory (similar to RAL 1013);
  • Golden oak (RENOLIT 2178001-167);
  • Walnut (RENOLIT 217807-167);
  • Veined white (F456-5053);
  • Veined cream (F456-5054);
  • ... and many more! Ask to know the feasibility.

colori cassonetti tapparelle pvc

Price of pvc roller shutter boxes: what is the cost?

The pvc box price for roller shutters starts from a minimum of about € 69 including VAT (for minimum sizes) and goes up.

It is calculated on the basis of 3 dimensions:
  • length;
  • height;
  • depth;
  • the measures of the cover are to be considered separately.

Box installation for roller shutters

The installation of the box for pvc roller shutters can be done in complete autonomy, saving on the price of the installation.

All this by buying online on Windowo and receiving the pvc bins directly where you want it.

Pvc roller shutter boxes made in Italy

Are you looking for a quality PVC roller shutter box? The pvc boxes for roller shutters that you find for sale online on Windowo are Made in Italy.
D. Salve, mi serve un preventivo di un cassonetto in pvc
R. Buongiorno se vuole può mandarci le misure e quantità di quello che le serve
D. Salve,mi servirebbe un preventivo per i cassonetti in pvc
R. Buongiorno, certo: puoi scaricare il modulo e mandarcelo compilato. Provvederemo a mandarti il tuo preventivo per i cassonetti. Cordiali saluti, Windowo
D. Je recherche un coffre pvc pour masquer un volet roulant à l’intérieur . Je souhaite que qu’il puisse mesurer L225xH21xP8 merci
R. Hi Cédric, fill out the form. Then send it to us by mail. So we can make a quote for you. Kind regards

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