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Smart locks: best models for sale online

Are you looking for smart locks ? Windowo is the most suitable online shop. You can buy your new smart lock at a special offer price.

The world of technology is constantly evolving: new connected devices are created every day to improve the quality of life. One of the sectors most transformed by this smart revolution is burglary -proof security.

There are several modern items that interact with smartphones and voice assistants. For example, smart locks with special technologies such as wifi locks or bluetooth locks.

How do you choose the best smart lock?

We recommend that you consider these characteristics of smart locks:
  • compatibility with door and cylinder,
  • type of lock,
  • type of remote controls,
  • extra security features,
  • smart compatibility with voice assistants.

Compatibility between smart lock and door

Smart locks offer security and reliability. However, it is good to remember that each lock has its own characteristics that make it compatible with a certain type of lock cylinders while on others there is a need for specific adapters or even completely incompatible.

To avoid buying a smart lock that cannot be used on your door, it is important to inform yourself in advance about the cylinder it mounts.

Compatibility with voice assistants

Smart locks are products that cannot be missing in a space set up on home automation : they make it safe, reliable and complete.

The smart wifi or bluetooth locks are compatible with the main voice assistance systems. With Alexa or Google Assistant you can take advantage of the additional features they are equipped with.

The types of smart locks

There are numerous types of smart locks and each changes in appearance and technologies used.

Bluetooth locks

Bluetooth locks were the first electronic locks commercialized. Their structure is very simple but limited.

It is not possible to connect them to any home automation devices and they do not have any additional functionality. On the other hand, the cost is usually the lowest.

Wifi locks

The wifi locks are equipped with a module that connects them to the wireless network or to that of a smartphone. Models of this type are connected through the use of a specific app that can be downloaded for free.

Usually, setting up a wifi lock is very quick.

Locks with alpha-numeric code

Code keypad locks have a code unlock method. Compared to wifi, they do not necessarily require an external app to be used but at the same time they can be more subject to security breaches.

Biometric locks

Biometric readers were once only in science fiction movies, while today they are widely used.

Fingerprints uniquely distinguish each person. For this reason, biometric locks are appreciated but have slightly higher costs.

Z-Wave locks

The Z-Wave system was recently introduced. If you already have voice assist devices and other smart objects at your disposal, choosing Z-Wave locks is almost mandatory.

Furthermore, the Z-Wave locks allow you to create an ecosystem in continuous communication.

Smart locks with remote control

Smart locks with remote controls allow manual use via a click on the screen of the associated device or a voice command in the case of systems such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

This technology allows you to have control of the locks at any time, even if you are not physically close. Usually, for remote use, the smart lock includes downloading a free application.

Smart Locks

Smart locks: convenience and safety

Ease of use and convenience are among the main reasons for using a smart lock. You will no longer need a physical key and, in this way, you will no longer risk losing it.

Furthermore, the smart locks can be controlled at any time and thanks to the integrated technologies they can be unlocked remotely by the owner.

Finally, they require very little maintenance (except for breakages or vandalism).

For whom is the use of a smart lock recommended?

Now the smart lock has become a device suitable for anyone .

Thanks to the vast number of devices available on Windowo, you can take home the smart lock that best meets your specific needs and your personal budget.

Smart locks for B & Bs and rental homes

These devices can be equipped with temporary access.

In fact, through the application it is possible to generate a limited-time access code : a very convenient solution for welcoming guests in B & Bs and holiday homes.

How much does a smart lock cost?

The price of the smart lock varies according to the technical characteristics and type. Generally the price for a basic model is around € 150, but it can go up to over € 300 for very advanced models.

On Windowo the cost is as low as possible. You can find the best smart locks for sale online at the best prices online.



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