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Smart Lock for Intelligent Opening

Smart lock? Windowo is the shop for the most advanced opening solutions

Are you looking for a smart lock? Windowo is the online store where you can find the most innovative models of smart locks available on the market. Simply select the item you want and purchase your new intelligent lock at a special offer price.

Smart locks: discover the best models on sale online

Smart locks: innovation and technology are just a click away on Windowo. Discover our selection of smart locks, where traditional security merges with technological innovation to offer you the best in terms of protection and convenience. In our online store you will find the most advanced models of smart locks, perfect for modernizing the security of your home or office.

Welcome to the future of home security with our selection of smart locks from Windowo, your go-to online store for smart security solutions.

If you are looking for a smart lock, you are in the right place: here you will find the most cutting-edge models of smart locks available on the market, each with unique features to meet the needs of modern life.

The world of technology is constantly evolving: every day new connected devices are created to improve the quality of life. Among the sectors most transformed by this smart revolution we find burglar-proof security.

There are several modern items that interact with smartphones and voice assistants. For example, smart locks with particular technologies such as wifi locks or bluetooth locks.

How do you choose the best smart door lock?

What are the best smart locks? We advise you to consider these features of smart locks:
  • compatibility with the door and the cylinder,
  • type of lock,
  • type of remote controls,
  • extra security functions (e.g. smart armored door lock),
  • compatibility of the smart lock for armored doors with voice assistants.

Compatibility between smart lock and door

Smart locks offer security and reliability. However, it is good to remember that each lock has its own characteristics that make it compatible with a certain type of lock cylinder while on others specific adapters are needed or they are even completely incompatible.

To avoid purchasing a smart lock that cannot be used on your door, it is important to find out in advance about the cylinder it is fitted with.

Compatibility of the smart lock with voice assistants

Smart locks are products that cannot be missing in a space set up for home automation: they make it safe, reliable and complete.

The smart wifi or bluetooth locks are compatible with the main voice assistance systems. With Alexa or Google Assistant you can take advantage of the additional features they come with.

The types of smart locks

There are numerous types of smart locks and each one changes in appearance and technologies used.

Bluetooth locks

Bluetooth locks were the first electronic locks marketed. Their structure is very simple but limited.

It is not possible to connect them to any home automation devices and they do not have any additional functionality. On the other hand, the cost is usually the lowest.

WiFi locks

WiFi locks are equipped with a module that connects them to the wireless network or to that of a smartphone. Models of this type are connected through the use of a specific app that can be downloaded for free.

Setting up a wifi lock is usually very quick.

Locks with alpha-numeric code

Locks with code keypads provide a code unlocking method. Compared to wifi ones, they do not necessarily require an external app to be able to be used but at the same time they can be more subject to security violations.

Biometric locks

Biometric readers were once only found in science fiction films, but today they are widely used.

Fingerprints uniquely distinguish each person. For this reason, biometric locks are popular but have slightly higher costs.

Z-Wave locks

The Z-Wave system was introduced recently. If you already have voice assistance devices and other smart objects at your disposal, choosing Z-Wave locks is almost obligatory.

Furthermore, Z-Wave locks allow you to create an ecosystem in continuous communication.

Smart lock with remote control

Smart locks with remote controls allow manual use via a click on the screen of the associated device or a voice command in the case of systems such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

This technology allows you to have control of the locks at any time, even if you are not physically close. Usually, for remote use, the smart lock requires downloading a free application.

Smart locks: convenience and security

Ease of use and convenience are among the main reasons to use a smart lock. You will no longer need a physical key and, in this way, you will no longer risk losing it.

Furthermore, smart locks can be controlled at any time and thanks to integrated technologies they can be unlocked remotely by the owner.

Finally, a smart armored door lock requires very little maintenance (except for breakages or vandalism).

For whom is the use of a smart lock recommended?

The smart lock has now become a device suitable for anyone .

Thanks to the vast number of devices on Windowo, you will be able to bring home the smart lock that best meets your specific needs and your personal budget.

Smart lock for B&Bs and rental houses

These devices may be provided with temporary access.

In fact, through the application it is possible to generate a limited-time access code : a very convenient solution for welcoming guests in B&Bs and holiday rental homes.

How much does a smart lock cost?

The price of the smart lock varies based on the technical characteristics and type. Generally the price for a basic model is around €150, but it can reach over €300 for very advanced models.

On Windowo the cost is as low as possible: you can find the best smart locks for sale online at the best online prices.

Intelligent locks: we answer the 10 most frequently asked questions

To guide you in discovering smart locks for armored doors and help you choose the model best suited to your needs, we have collected a series of frequently asked questions and answers. This information is designed to clarify your doubts and provide you with useful details on the functionality, installation and management of the smart locks that can be purchased in our online store.

What are smart locks?
Smart locks are security devices that use advanced technology to offer innovative unlocking methods, such as smartphone control, biometric recognition, or access codes .

How do smart locks work?
They work by connecting to smart devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allowing remote control, monitoring and real-time access management.

Are they easy to install?
Many smart locks are designed for simple installation and can be fitted to replace traditional locks without the need for structural modifications.

Can I control my smart lock remotely?
Yes, one of the main features of smart locks is the ability to control and manage them remotely through an application on your smartphone.

How safe are smart locks?
Smart locks for armored doors offer a high level of security, with advanced technologies to prevent break-in attempts and unauthorized access.

Are smart locks compatible with all types of doors?
Most smart locks are compatible with standard doors (usually even in the case of a smart security door), but it is always advisable to check the technical specifications for compatibility before purchasing.

How much do smart locks cost?
Prices vary depending on features and brand. At Windowo, we offer a wide range of smart locks to suit different budgets.

How can I choose the right smart lock for me?
Consider your specific needs, such as the type of control you want, security features, and compatibility with other smart devices in your home .

Is an internet connection required to use a smart lock?
Some functions, such as remote control of a wifi lock, require an Internet connection. However, many smart locks can also work offline for basic operations .

Where can I find help setting up and using smart locks?
For assistance with setting up and using smart locks, we recommend that you refer to the user manual provided with the product or contact the manufacturer's customer service department. Additionally, many companies offer online guides and technical support to help customers.

Smart Lock for Intelligent Opening



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