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Durable stainless steel handles at low prices on offer

Stainless steel handles for sale online: maximum quality and resistance. Discover many models of stainless steel handles with a glossy or satin finish. Buy your new steel handle at a discounted price in the Windowo shop.

Stainless steel door handles for sale online

Why choose to buy stainless steel handles? This material is very resistant: it does not corrode, breaks easily and requires little maintenance. It also has a low weight and can be colored or painted. The elegant and essential aspect of steel also makes it a material with a high aesthetic value.

For these reasons, stainless steel is also used to create the handles. The stainless steel handles are particularly resistant to oxidation and corrosion, especially in the presence of high humidity in the air and in fresh water.

Are you looking for handles in polished or satin stainless steel? On Windowo you will find a wide range of stainless steel door handles at discounted prices. Start browsing this category to see all the promotions.

Why are stainless steel handles so resistant?

Stainless steels (or Inox from the French inoxydable) are characterized by greater resistance to oxidation and corrosion, especially in humid air or fresh water. For this reason, the stainless steel handles can be applied without worries both on internal and external doors. Very appropriate in this sense is the Anglo-Saxon term stainless (literally "spotless") derived from the ability of these materials to oxidize but not rust in atmospheric and natural environments.

English scholars Woods and Clark invented stainless steel in 1872, and since then this resistant alloy has been used in a variety of industries, including the field of handles.

Buy a custom made stainless steel handle

With Windowo you can customize your handle when ordering:
  • There is a version of stainless steel handle with rosettes and, if desired, with escutcheons to cover the key hole. In this case, the shape and type of the rosettes and vents can be selected in the product sheet.
  • There are also stainless steel handles on plate that connects the handle to the hole where the key is inserted. In this situation, the length of the plate is tailor-made according to your particular needs.

The finish is also decided by you. You can tell us if you want a handle in polished stainless steel (which reflects the light) or in satin stainless steel (for a less luminous effect).

How to measure the dimensions of the handle plate?

In the case of the handles in the plate version, the length of this is made to measure according to what you communicate to us when ordering. This is because the distance (in mm) between the center of the hole, where the handle fits, and the key hole can vary. Such differences usually occur from state to state.

When you place your order online on Windowo we recommend that you measure the distance between the holes and write us what the measurement is (in mm). If we do not receive a communication, the handles on the plate will be made with a length between the standard holes (i.e. the Italian size normally made by the manufacturers).

However, if you have any questions regarding your handle purchases, you can contact us: the Windowo staff is always at your complete disposal.

Stainless steel handles prices and offers

Choose quality without giving up on economic convenience. Every day we deal directly with the best manufacturers of handles on the Italian and international market. In this way we can sell the best handles made by major brands highly specialized in steel processing online at discounted prices.

We remind you that usually the door handles on Windowo are sold in pairs: the price includes two handles. However, within this category there are some exceptions (handles sold individually). These situations are clearly indicated on the reference product sheet. However, for any doubts regarding your handle purchases, the Windowo staff is always at your complete disposal.

"The strongest steel must go through the hottest fire." (Richard M. Nixon)



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