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Mosquito Nets Made to Measure

Mosquito Nets Made to Measure

Customized mosquito nets for sale online at special prices

Are you looking for customized mosquito nets ? Here you will find the best online mosquito nets for sale, made by the most famous companies in the sector.

As you can see, we sell many different models of mosquito nets online . Once you have found the online mosquito net you want, you can enter the base and height measurements in the product sheet. The configurator will immediately calculate the price of the mosquito net.

How to measure mosquito nets?

The ones you buy on Windowo are custom made mosquito nets . You will have to indicate the measurements in millimeters of base and height, specifying whether the measurement is finished or empty.
  • Finished size : the mosquito net will be of the same ordered sizes, that is, the exact size of the hole;
  • Compartment size : the mosquito net will have 2-3 mm less. The manufacturer will remove the necessary space (recommended method).

When taking measurements remember to always give the smallest measurements when in doubt.

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How cluttered is a custom-made insect screen?

The size of the box indicates how much space a mosquito net occupies. The box is the part on the ceiling of the compartment. This size is indicated on the product sheet.

What are the finishes of the mosquito nets?

Each brand has its own finishes : from light painted colors (ivory and white), to classic colors such as green and brown.

You will also find film finishes to give a wood effect. So you can match the finish that best suits the colors of the doors, windows and furniture.

How to assemble the mosquito nets purchased online?

The mosquito nets sold on Windowo have assembly instructions and are easy to assemble. You can also see various videos explaining each type of installation.

Custom-made mosquito nets at cost prices per square meter

With Windowo you will find custom-made mosquito nets to protect your home from insects at unbeatable prices and without sacrificing the highest quality.

The cost of mosquito nets per square meter is really convenient: the product is manufactured in Italy based on the size indicated by you when ordering.

What are the prices of custom-made mosquito nets?

The prices of mosquito nets change according to different characteristics: quantity, size and shape of the windows, type of net, closing system, and many other variants. For example, magnetic mosquito nets can have a higher cost.

Buying online is extremely advantageous because you can buy wherever you are, avoiding the cost of labor.

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Find your mosquito net online on Windowo

Buying a mosquito net online on Windowo is very simple. Search for the model you want by choosing from:

Quality customized mosquito nets at the best price

We only deal with reliable insect screen manufacturers who have been making innovative and professional solutions for years. So we can be sure that you will not have any problems and that you will be fully satisfied with your new purchase.

We have been dealing with Bettio brand mosquito nets for years and we know how reliable they can be. For example, the bed bug-resistant Estetika mosquito net .

The best-selling model of mosquito nets for French windows is the patented Miniscenica Evo Bettio mosquito net . It has no floor space because it is supported by a track that allows it to slide like a retractable sliding door. The main advantage of a Scenica mosquito net is that it can stand up on its own.

Among the mosquito nets for windows, the best-selling is theRosy Bettio model. This article has managed to stand out for the completeness of the features it offers. We especially recommend it when there are uneven walls.

Zanzar Sistem is a well-known Italian company that produces mosquito nets in 5 factories scattered throughout the peninsula. It offers standard or pleated mesh models.

The Effe company produces quality mosquito nets at very competitive prices. It creates customizable models, with different types of mesh and a wide choice of colors to choose from.

Furthermore, those who buy on Windowo immediately find the roller insect screen spare parts . You will be able to increase the lifespan of your mosquito net, while saving on the cost of a new mosquito net.

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