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Mosquito Nets

Mosquito Nets

Custom mosquito nets for sale at the best prices

Are you looking for custom made mosquito nets online? We at Windowo sell a large selection of models at unbeatable prices. Protect your home from insects with high quality insect screens. We only deal with mosquito nets made in Italy by the most famous companies in the sector.

Many types of custom made mosquito nets

On Windowo you can buy the best mosquito nets online quickly and easily: when you find the mosquito net you want, you can enter the base and height measurements in the product sheet. Our configurator will immediately calculate the cheapest price.

Our online mosquito nets are:
  • complete with accessories;
  • easy to install with a simple DIY intervention;
  • suitable for all types of doors and windows;
  • sold at a convenient price per square meter of mosquito nets;
  • made in Italy at the time of the order.

Buying a mosquito net online on Windowo is very simple: just search for the model you want among many types of mosquito nets online.

Sliding mosquito nets are models with horizontal lateral sliding, ideal for protecting an entrance French door or the passage to a balcony or terrace from insects. They are models with minimum floor space or they are mosquito nets without a ground guide. Networks can be of different types. One of the most popular models of mosquito nets for doors is the patented Neoscenica Bettio mosquito net. It has no floor space because it is supported by a track that allows it to slide like a disappearing sliding door.

Vertical mosquito nets are models specifically designed to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house via windows and shutters. They are spring-loaded or chain-operated mosquito nets. Usually the spring movement takes advantage of gravity but they can have a clutch, so as to allow a gradual rewinding of the net. Among the models of mosquito nets for windows, the best-selling model on Windowo is the Estetika Bettio.

The pleated mosquito nets have the characteristic folding pleated net. The main feature of these models is that the mesh folds and stretches creating an accordion effect. The design of the mosquito net is compact and light, perfect in case of frequent use by the disabled, the elderly or children.

With magnetic mosquito nets you can preserve your wall without the need for drills, holes or nails. These mosquito nets fit perfectly because they are equipped with magnets able to offer solidity and practicality.

Bedbugs are difficult insects to stop because they are able to move components. Fortunately, there are models of anti-bedbug mosquito nets that can block their passage. For example, the Estetika insect screen is capable of acting as a barrier.

Are you a lover of four-legged friends? From today thanks to the mosquito nets for pets you can stop worrying about the scratches of the cats. The PVC-coated Pet Resistant mesh gives greater resistance, while the cat flap allows safe passage.

Motorized insect screens can open and close by themselves: discover products that can make your life easier and more comfortable. In motorized mosquito nets, opening can take place with a remote control, button or sensor. It is a perfect solution for kitchens or medical offices where opening by hand would mean compromising hygiene standards.

Are you looking for models designed to be camouflaged in the window or wall? Built-in mosquito nets, also called retractable models, are inserted in the masonry compartment or in the profile of the window.

On Windowo you can find the best DIY mosquito nets kit models, to be able to install suitable for any window or door, even in the case of irregular and out-of-square house walls. The main advantage of these brico mosquito nets kits is that they are usually reducible, i.e. you can decrease the measurements by making a cut. This way you don't have to know the exact measurements first.

It is by no means a foregone conclusion to find spare parts in case of breakage. With Windowo, mosquito nets spare parts are easy to find. In this way you will be able to increase the life span of your mosquito net, saving on the cost of a new one.

Have you ever wondered how to clean the network? Find everything you need to keep your purchase looking its best in our cleaning and maintenance category.

Quality mosquito nets made in Italy

We only deal with reliable insect screen manufacturers who have been creating innovative and professional solutions for years. So we can be sure that you will have no problems and that you will be fully satisfied.

Bettio mosquito nets
We have been dealing with the Bettio brand for years and we know how reliable they are. Thirty years ago the Bettio company had the idea of proposing a mosquito net offer not only as a functional object, but as a real piece of furniture.

Pasini Spa mosquito nets
The Italian company Pasini Spa produces various articles of artisan quality, and does so respecting its historic family tradition. Today Pasini has become a great reality but the principles that guide the brand are always the same: the search for continuous innovation and respect for one's origins.

Effe mosquito nets
The Effe company produces quality items at very competitive prices. Create customizable models, with different types of mesh and a wide range of colors to choose from.

Effezeta System mosquito nets
Made in Italy design and materials and sustainability of production processes make Effezeta System a cutting-edge reality. In addition, a wide range of colors allows you to choose the perfect combination to furnish any home.

IRS mosquito nets
Looking for perfect DIY products? The IRS mosquito nets catalog includes models and patents to better serve the growing requests for models in reducible assembly kits.

Insect screens at low prices: enter measurements and calculate the cost

With Windowo you will find a wide range of mosquito nets at unbeatable prices to protect your home from insects. All this without sacrificing the highest quality. The cost of mosquito nets per square meter is really convenient: the mosquito net is manufactured in Italy based on the size indicated by you when ordering.

How much do custom screens cost?

The prices of the mosquito nets depend on various characteristics: quantity, size and shape of the windows, type of net, locking system, and many other variations. Buying online is very advantageous because you can buy wherever you are, avoiding the cost of labour.

Are you interested in the mosquito net offers ? Read our guide dedicated to the mosquito net bonus in the blog.

How to take the measures of the mosquito nets?

When ordering made-to-measure insect screens you will need to indicate whether the base and height measurement is finite or empty:
  • Finished size: you will receive the same measurements ordered, i.e. the exact size of the hole;
  • Compartment measurement: the manufacturer will subtract 2-3 mm (recommended method).

When taking the measurements, remember to give the smallest measurements if in doubt. We have created an article dedicated to how to take the measures of the mosquito nets.

Online mosquito net sales: we answer your questions

Below is a rundown of the most frequently asked questions we receive every day.

How cluttered is a custom-made mosquito net?
The dumpster is that part on the ceiling of the compartment. The size of the box indicates how much space a mosquito net takes up. The size of the encumbrance is indicated in our product sheets (it varies from model to model).

How to choose the color of the mosquito nets?
Each mosquito net brand has its own finishes : from light varnished colors (ivory and white), to classic colors such as green and brown. You will also find filmed finishes to create a wood effect. By playing with the finishes, you can match your new fly screen to the colors of the doors, windows and furnishings.

How to fix mosquito nets?
Our products have assembly instructions and are easy to assemble. Please note that various explanation videos are available on our YouTube channel for each type of installation.

Still have doubts? Read the article on our blog: guide to buying mosquito nets where we go through each step to help you with your purchase. Or you can choose to contact Windowo customer service directly.

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