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Electronic Locks

Electronic Locks for Doors

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Electronic locks: models, online prices and offers

The electronic door locks that you can buy online on Windowo are produced by the leading brands in the world of locks .

An electronic lock can be opened with the use of different technologies, until it becomes a real smart lock of the latest generation.

Electronic locks are safe and functional devices, the ideal solution for access control of homes, companies and other places inaccessible to the public.

Types of electronic locks

There are several types of electronic locks. Let's see some of them together.

Digital locks with biometric recognition

A digital lock can be very useful: after registering the cards and fingerprints, to enter the house you will have to swipe your card over the reader and place your finger.

Automatic locks that can be opened with a smartphone

A smart automatic lock is an interesting solution for B&B, or in the case of temporary guests. In fact, the administrator can add and delete certain users through the app and set time slots.

Electronic card locks with PIN code

Electronic locks equipped with code keypads often have backlit keys, in order to make it easier to enter the code.

Electronic locks with badges

Badge locks are perhaps the ones we are most used to, as most hotels use them now.

Electronic Locks

Electronic lock: our tips for choosing the right one

Our recommendations for choosing the electronic lock are:
  • Evaluate every possible installation method: do-it-yourself by a professional technician;
  • If you want to place the device outdoors, make sure it is resistant to rain;
  • If you want to apply electronic cylinders to an armored door, make sure it is compatible;
  • Ask how the electronic lock works in the absence of power;
  • Look at the number of users, especially if you expect a lot of logins.



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