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Outdoor mailboxes made to measure in Italy with high quality materials. Discover a wide choice of outdoor mailboxes at the best prices online. The advantages of selling on Windowo: many special offers on outdoor condominium mailboxes and much more.

Outdoor Mailboxes for Sale at Special Prices

Our outdoor mailboxes are designed with great attention to the quality of the materials. Furthermore, the operating mechanics of the outdoor mailboxes are designed for quick and easy installation.

Some models are designed with a larger compartment to accommodate small and medium-sized parcels. However, for larger parcels, you may need an alternative delivery system (we recommend parcel boxes).

A large selection of bespoke outdoor mailboxes

Discover our selection of custom made outdoor mailboxes. In fact, if you are looking for outdoor mailboxes, Windowo has a tailor-made solution for your every need.

Our outdoor mailboxes are weatherproof, stainless and recyclable, available in all RAL colors. Materials and operating mechanics are chosen according to the type of installation. In addition, you can also insert personalized plates or intercoms.

Outdoor mailboxes must be designed specifically for outdoor environments, considering the space provided and considering exposure to atmospheric agents.

Request a quote for outdoor mailboxes quickly and easily.

Outdoor mailboxes: how to choose them?

Choosing the right mailbox is not easy. You have to pay attention to various aspects such as the context in which it is to be placed, the housing solutions, the necessary measurements and the desired aesthetic shape.

In fact, outdoor mailboxes are an indispensable tool for receiving mail, but also a not irrelevant decorative element.

For this reason, the purchase requirements must consider both functionality and taste.

Is it mandatory to have an outdoor mailbox?

There is a decree dated 2001 (more exactly the decree 04/09/2001) which defines the legal obligation to have an outdoor mailbox . Outdoor mailboxes must be installed at the expense of those who install them and must be accessible.

Therefore the postman must be able to directly access the mailboxes from outside. Therefore the latter must be placed outside in spaces open to the public and not in internal areas, as we will see in more detail in the following paragraph.

For example, a mailbox placed on the wall of a villa, where to access it is necessary to pass a gate and pass through private areas, cannot be compliant with the law.

Why was the legislator so clear? Because the placement must be in a position that does not create difficulties or dangers for the operator delivering the mail.

External Mailbox Box Waivers

In special cases, exceptions to the rule of free access to external mailboxes are allowed.

However, do not believe that the private individual can identify these exceptional cases at his discretion. There must be an agreement with the local post office.

Is there an obligation to retrofit outdoor mailboxes?

Yes, non-compliant external mailbox holders must make the adjustments within a time frame agreed with the post office.

Faced with a request from the Italian Post Office, the holders of external mailboxes can do nothing but accept what is requested with the consequent assumption of the necessary expenses.

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